Yankees Glory and the Players by Isha365764Kayoya


									                                Yankees Glory and the Players

 The New York Yankees is the name of one of the most important teams in baseball history. You
dont even have to be a fan to appreciate what the team has meant to the sport since it was sold,
relocated, and later renamed. Over the years, the Bronx has been rocked by the biggest names in
the game: Babe Ruth and Joltin Joe di Maggio powerful bats; Mickey Mantle and Maris going for
the unbreakable record; and of course Mr. Lou Gehrig was the Luckiest man in the World to wear
the pinstripes.

When the team was purchased in Baltimore and moved to New York, its name was the
Highlanders, a name that is still occasionally used by old timers. Highlanders remained the name
of the team until it was changed to Yankees in 1913. In their first season at Yankee Stadium in
The Bronx, the Yanks won their first of 27 World Series.

The team then started its storied history that most of us are familiar with in 1920 with the
acquisition from the Boston Red Sox of The Babe, the Salton of Swat, or as his mother called him,
George Herman Ruth. This trade would haunt the Sox until the best the St Louis Cardinals in
2004. In 1927 Ruth hit 60 homeruns in one season; a record that would stand until Roger Maris,
also a Yankee, broke it October 1, 1961, as he and his teammate Mickey Mantle worked toward
breaking Babe Ruths much vaunted record that many people though would never be broken.

The Yanks seem to find and breed baseball greats. Another great player to play for the team was
Joe The Yankee Clipper DiMaggio. He was a hard working player and well respected man who
played with intensity. In fact, after he was acquired in a trade from the San Francisco Seals in
1934 he went on a 56 Game hitting streak that still stands to this day. A fun bit of trivia here for
baseball fans: The New York Giants baseball team that lost the 1923 World Series would later
become the San Francisco Giants, whose mascot just happens to be Lou Seal.

The original Iron Horse was Lou Gehrig, who played for the Yankees his entire professional career
from 1925 to 1939. He played 2,130 consecutive games before retiring in 1939 after he was
diagnosed with ALS, a neuromuscular disorder that debilitates the muscles of the human body.
When he retired after giving his very brief Luckiest Man in the World Speech at Yankee stadium,
his Jersey Number (3) was the first time a ballplayers number was ever retired. He died in 1941.

Even if you are not a fan and use such nicknames as The Evil Empire to describe them, you have
to admit that the teams has a glorious history that makes grown men wish they were kids again so
they can grow up to become one of those Damn Yankees on Murderers Row.


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