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									Higher Education Model CHP
Paul McFadden
Head of Complaints Standards

Complaints Standards Authority (CSA)
                                       Scotland's Colleges
                                           9 January 2013    1
    Complaints Standards Authority
A standardised, simplified Model
Complaints Handling Procedure for each
     Make complaining easier, simpler and
      more consistent for all customers
     Consistent process and timescales
      across whole public sector
     Sectoral approach

Centre of best practice
                                                Public Services Reform
     Working with each sector to develop and   (Scotland) Act (2010)
      share best practice
     Building networks
     Providing training and support

                            Model CHP
   SPSO ‘framework’
        Parliamentary approved SPSO Principles
        SPSO Guidance on a Model CHP
        NHS ‘model’ process
        Consultation 2010

   Sector based approach
        Colleges and Universities published December 2012
        Developed in partnership with Universities Scotland working

   Relationship between the QAA Chapter and the CHP
                            Model CHPs
   What is / is not a complaint

   2 stages, standard timescales

   Clear roles and responsibilities and good

   Empowering frontline staff to
    resolve complaints

   Standards for recording, reporting and publicising

   Share lessons learnt throughout organisation

   Publish performance information

   Share outcomes and action taken
    with customers

                                                         4   4
             Monitoring Compliance
   SPSO monitoring compliance in conjunction with Scottish Funding

   HEIs required to confirm implementation or commit to do so by 30
    August 2013 (respond by 28 June 2013)

   Self-assessment of implemented CHP and complainant leaflet (or
    drafts) (respond by 28 June 2013)

   Implementation by 30 August 2013

   If fail to confirm implementation by August 2013 - non-compliant.
How can the CSA support you?
       Complaints handling developments and good practice resources
       Ask each other – cross-sector discussion forum / community
       Ask CSA – implementation advice

Networks of complaints handlers
       Sharing best practice
       Developing standardised categories
       Benchmarking performance
 E-learning modules
                Module 1: Understanding the Model Complaints Procedure
                Module 2: What Is A Complaint?
                Module 3: What Customers Want When They Complain
                Module 4: Getting It Right From the Start
                Module 5: Active Listening
                Module 6: Finding the Right Solution
                Module 7: Learning From Complaints
                Module 8: Managing Difficult Behaviour

 Investigation and Frontline classroom-based courses

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Paul McFadden
Head of Complaints Standards


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