Helping the Troops as a Teacher

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					Helping the Troops as a Teacher
If you are a teacher, you are probably always looking for new ways to teach and have your students
learn. Teachers want their students to constantly be learning all that they can about the world.

Love of Learning and Service
Something else that teachers want is for their children to enjoy learning. If teachers can instill in their
students a love for learning, then the teacher feels that he or she has succeeded.

Teachers also want their students to develop a love for helping other people in the world. There are
many people who do not have the opportunity to go to school, or who are simply less fortunate.

                                        Students would do well to learn how to help others so they can be
                                        helpful and contributing members of society when they become
                                        adults. One way that teachers can help instill in their students a
                                        love for serving others is by having them serve the U.S. troops
                                        who are serving our country.

                                        There are many, many things teachers can do to help their classes
                                        serve our troops. One thing teachers can do is organize the
                                        assembly of care packages in their classrooms.

One classroom decided to forgo their holiday gift exchange at Christmastime and make care packages
for the troops instead. They filled the care packages with items such as toiletries, books, magazines, and
other necessities the troops might not have access to while on active duty.

Another classroom decided to use their musical talents to help the troops. They wrote a song together
about how much they appreciated the work that the troops did and all they did for the United States.

The students took a video of themselves performing the song, uploaded it to the Internet, and soon
millions of people had seen the video and passed it on. Many soldiers had the opportunity to see the
video and were very grateful for the students’ beautiful message.

Helping our Troops
There are still dozens of ideas for teachers who want to help their students help the troops. There is a
program called Operation Uplink that many teachers have used in their classrooms.

This program is designed to help provide phone cards for service members who live far away from their
family and friends. The phone cards provide for the service members are completely free.

The way that students can participate in this program is by fundraising in their communities so that they
can help to buy phone cards for service members. Students can also participate in raising awareness for
the VA loan.
Service members are entitled to be able to take out a VA loan, but many of them are not aware that
they have this privilege. Students can be key members of
society by raising awareness about this opportunity.

There is also an organization called Cell Phones for Soldiers.
This organization works to raise money in order to purchase
cell phones for soldiers who cannot afford them so that they
can communicate with their loved ones.

Students can also write letters to the troops, which can be
very meaningful. Although students may think that they can do nothing for the troops while they are
overseas, they would be wrong in thinking this.

There is much teachers and students can do together to help our U.S. troops.

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Description: Just as it is important to teach your students the material and help them understand that school is important. It is just as crucial to make sure they understand the value of service.