Honoring Military Veterans

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					Honoring Military Veterans
Many citizens of the United States do not realize or even appreciate the freedoms that they enjoy. As
United States citizens, we enjoy many freedoms that people of our countries do not get to enjoy.

Many of us are so used to living our lives that we do not stop to think about all the freedoms that we do
have. It is important for citizens of the United States to take a moment every now and then to
appreciate and show respect for the great country that we live in.

Freedom through Military Service Men and Women
One of the main reasons that we are able to enjoy so many freedoms in our free country is because of
the men and women who have served our country over the years. Servicemen and women have
volunteered throughout the years to fight in wars against countries who have threatened our freedom.

                                          Sometimes our country goes to war with other countries who
                                          are threatening other, smaller countries who cannot defend
                                          themselves as readily as we can. We are a mighty military
                                          power, so we step in to make sure their rights and privileges
                                          are defended and they are not taken advantage of.

                                          Sometimes people think the United States gets too involved in
                                          the business of other countries. These people think that the
                                          United States should just mind its own business and then
                                          everyone would be better off.

Whether or not the world would be better off if the United States didn’t step off, the truth of the matter
is that the United States has stepped in several times in order to help countries who cannot really help
themselves. Our country has done much good for other countries because of this.

The reason why we have been able to do so much good is because of the dutiful service of our military
men and women. Most of our servicemen and women have families that they leave behind when they
go on active duty.

Sacrifices of Military Service
These servicemen and women usually do not see their families for
months at a time, and sometimes even years at a time. As you may
have inferred, not seeing their families for such long periods of time
can be very mentally and emotionally taxing.

It is safe to say that our servicemen and women sacrifice much to be
able to defend the freedoms of United States citizens. But when our
servicemen and women return from active duty, they sometimes are
not welcomed as warmly as they were expecting.
They will most likely rush into the arms of their loved ones, but sometimes there are people lurking in
the corners, judging them for going into other countries.

These people sometimes do not agree with the United States government’s choices, so they choose not
to support the troops. These people obviously do not appreciate the freedoms that they are privileged
to have.

There are many services that are available to U.S. veterans, and many VA lenders who are willing to help
veterans should they need money. VA lenders, along with many other people, are here to help veterans
get on their feet and lead happy and successful lives when they return home.

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Description: Know where your freedom comes from and realize it isn't free it came at a cost. Honor those that fought for that freedom.