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									  5. Engineering Requirements                         Residential Power Factor Correction
 ØImprove power factor for bank of
 fluorescent lights by 10% minimum
                                                            Justin Ammons, Grant Blakeley, Sean Brosig
 ØDisplay corrected power factor with +/-                                        Mentor: Adrian Smith
 5% accuracy                                                                Industry Sponsor: Pacific Power
 ØDisplay real power usage with +/- 10%
 accuracy                                                                               1. Project Summary
 ØEfficient and consume less than 30 watts        As the cost of electricity is increasing, it is important for the consumer to save power. The
 ØEasy to operate with on/off switch and          objective of this project is to increase the efficiency of electricity consumption in the home.
                                                  One source of inefficiency is from devices with poor power factor, such as fluorescent lights
 power indication light
                                                  and motor driven loads (washing machines, dishwasher, etc.). This product improves
 ØProvide overcurrent protection with 10A         power factor in the home.
 main breaker & 10A capacitor fuses
 ØCompact size with dimensions smaller
 than 24”x24”x10”                                   2. What is power factor?
                                                  ØRatio of real power to apparent power (0 to 1)
 ØSafe design with capacitors discharging
                                                    • Real power: Capacity to do work
 to under 50V in 2 minutes                          • Apparent power: Product of voltage and current
                                                  ØPoor power factor requires additional current from utility
                                                  ØAdditional current requirements = additional power line losses

                                                    3. How is power factor corrected?                                         (Power Triangle)
                                                  ØAdd capacitors across loads
                                                  ØCapacitors source the additional current
                                                  ØRequired capacitance can be calculated to correct PF to 1.0

                                                                                                                                                            (Top Level Block Diagram)
                                                                                           4. Device Details
                                                                                         ØUp to 10A of load can be connected                                    ECE Group 5
                                                                                         ØCalculates load power
      (Load bank used for system testing)                                                 • Current transformer measures current amplitude
                                                                                          • Voltage sensing circuit measures voltage amplitude
                                                                                         ØCalculates load power factor
  6. Desired Features                                                                     • Voltage zero crossing circuit
                                                                                          • Current zero crossing circuit
 ØCapacitor switching enable/disable
                                                                                         ØDynamic capacitor switching
 button operating within 10 seconds                                                       • Controlled by ATMega128 microcontroller
 ØDisplay kilowatt-hours with +/- 20%                                                     • Button to enable/disable capacitor switching
 accuracy                                                                                ØCapacitors switched at voltage zero crossing                Justin Ammons    Sean Brosig   Grant Blakeley
 ØMount in exterior wall and fit between                                                  • MOSFETs for fast switching
 2x6” studs mounted 16’’ on center                                                        • Optocoupler isolation for safety
                                                                                         ØAutomatic rapid capacitor discharge
                                                                                                                                                             Contact Information
 ØDisplay load voltage with +/- 10%                                                                                                                    Justin Ammons:
                                                                                          • Utilizes normally closed relays
 accuracy                                                                                                                                               Grant Blakeley:
                                                                                          • Failsafe design                                              Sean Brosig:
                                                                                         ØTracks kWh used by loads
    All engineering requirements and desired                                             ØMeasures actual load voltage                                            Project Webpage
features were completed and tested successfully                                                                                           
                                                  (Power Factor Correction Enclosure)                                                                                     005/wiki

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