Making money with raw returns wholesale lots by nkumenetwork


									                    Making money with raw returns wholesale lots

If you’re in the business of buying and selling wholesale clearance and surplus
stock, one of the greatest sources of revenue for your business is going after raw
returns lot offers. Most of the high-end retailers and manufacturers all over the
world offer raw returned stock for sale to B2B traders and wholesalers as part of
their stock clearance programme.

                                    The easiest way to find these raw returned
                                    stock offers is by doing a quick search on the
                                    web. On websites like and
                           you can find many stock
                                    offers from resellers that trade branded raw
                                    customer returns at prices that go at up to
                                    90% off RRP.

                                    Despite the massive saving opportunities, raw
                                    returns must be looked at with caution. When
                                    purchasing this type of clearance stock, it is
                                    crucial to see the goods first or have
                                    comprehensive information on the condition
the returns are in. This is because raw returns job lots usually come in a mixture
of working, damaged and faulty items, with no warranty that they are fully
functional products for you to re-sell to end-users. Which in the end will result in
additional repair costs for your company.

                                        Most of the untested raw returns bulk
                                        deals you find on the web present this
                                        risk. Getting in contact with the seller and
                                        directly dealing with his company or
                                        obtaining information regarding individual
                                        SKU condition and packaging are 2 ways
                                        of lowering that risk.

                                         Another possible solution for safely
                                         purchasing raw returns is through trading
                                         platforms like where
suppliers and their stock are verified before being listed online. Unlike other
auctions sites, this B2B trading platform operates as an agent in getting you the
best deals of raw returns and surplus stock from retailers and manufacturers
Moreover, here you can find raw returned stock that has been upgraded through a
professional refurbishing process, owned by the company and sold directly online.
Other important lot offers represent brand new and end-of-line surplus stock of
household appliances, DIY tools and consumer electronics in great condition from
top International Brands. The savings you get against RRP on these types of stock
are still substantial and can give your business a competitive advantage on the
local and international market.

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