Design Letters - Tips About Plate Hangers

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					       Design Letters - Tips About Plate Hangers
If you’re looking to do something interesting and creative with the wall
space in your child’s bedroom, consider creating a project using plate
hangers and design letters from Muuto Unfold. Similar to ABC bed linen
for kids, you can create a wall diorama that features your child’s name, and
help educate them creatively at the same time you decorate their room.

The first step is locating the plates that you want to use. We recommend
getting creative, and using a bunch of different designs (though they should
be similar in size.) Check out thrift shops, flea markets, and places like yard
sales for some incredible deals.

Next, select the plate hangers you will use. Muuto has a wide variety of
designs available, all of which are eminently functional for this purpose. Also
pick up the Design letters themselves at this time; vinyl repositionable
ones will likely suffice.

Lastly, put it all together and spell out the message or name you want to
feature on the plates using the vinyl lettering. The plate hangers will have
installation kits which will let you affix them directly to your walls.

Congratulations! Now you are the proud new owner of an inventive and
attractive artistic display. While this is of course great for kids, the same
process can be used commercially if you’re looking for an alternative to the
same old boring signage.

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