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					                                                                    SCHOOL	PROFILE	2011/2012

Súkromná Spojená škola BritiSh international School BratiSlava

address:          Peknikova 6            principal:                              Wendy Ellis
                  841 02 Bratislava      head of Sec. School:                    Gary Minnitt
                  Slovakia               Dep. head of Secondary:                 Bernie Cox
telephone:        00421 2 69307081       Year 7- 9 past. care:                   Bernie Cox
Fax:              00421 2 69307083       Year 10 - 11 past. care:                Clare Mumby
email:	 		 	     head of iBDp:                           Lee Darwell

the School                               curriculum                                      Graduation requirements
The British International School         •	 Our curriculum is split into three           for iBDp
Bratislava (BISB) is accredited by          separate units:                              The maximum total score for the
the Ministry of Education of Slovak         •	 Years 7 – 9 are based on the              Diploma programme is 45 points.
Republic and it is included into the           English National Curriculum;              The IB Diploma will be awarded to
network of schools and educational          •	 Years 10 and 11 lead to the               candidates whose total score reaches
facilities of the Slovak Republic.             International	General	Certificate	        or exceeds 24 points, provided:
                                               of Secondary Education (IGCSE)
BISB is a comprehensive school                 administered by Cambridge                  •	 grades have been awarded in
enrolling over 640 students,                   University, England;                          the six subjects of the Diploma
representing more than 50 different         •	 Years 12 and 13 follow the                    Programme;
nationalities, from Nursery through to         International Baccalaureate                •	 an approved programme of CAS has
Year Thirteen (equivalent of US Grade          Diploma Programme (IBDP).                     been completed
12). The school opened in September      •	 176 teaching days, year split into 3          •	 grades A – E have been awarded for
1997	and	graduated	its	first	senior	        terms                                            both TOK and an Extended Essay,
class in 2007. BISB is a part of Nord    •	 Extra-curricular activities include              with a minimum grade D in at least
Anglia Education LTD.                       sports	and	sports	fixtures/tourna-               one of them
                                            ments, eco-schools, musical groups,           •	 there is no grade 1 in any subject
The school spans 2 separate buildings,      drama productions, international              •	 there is no more than one grade 2 at
one for the Nursery – Year 1 students,      Maths competitions, charity and                  Standard Level
and the second for the Year 2 –             fund-raising, cultural events, Model          •	 there	is	no	grade	2	at	Higher	Level
13 students. It is one of only two          United Nations events, International          •	 overall, there are no more than
international schools in Bratislava         Youth Award Programme (Duke of                   three grades 3 or below
which offer secondary education up to       Edinburgh), Debating Club, residen-           •	 at least 12 points are gained on
pre-university age.                         tial trips, educational visits and the           Higher	Level	subjects
                                            Student Council                               •	 at least 9 points have been gained
Average class sizes are:                                                                     on Standard Level subjects
•	 Primary: 18 Students per class        Year 12/13 iB1/iB2 academic                      •	 the candidate is judged not to be
•	 Secondary: 17 students per class      courses (iBDp)                                      guilty of malpractice
                                                       Business and Mathemati-
Secondary School                         English A1                                      The bilingual Diploma is awarded to a
                                                       Management cal Studies
                                         (SL	/	HL)
•	 Qualified	teachers                                  (SL	/	HL)    (SL)                 candidate who:
•	 Student-Teacher ratio is              Slovak A1     Economics     Mathematics          •	 either, has taken two Languages A1;
   approximately 7:1                     (SL	/	HL)     (SL	/	HL)     (SL	/	HL)            •	 or, has taken an examination in at
•	 There are currently 276 students in                                                       least one of the subjects from Group
   the Secondary School (Year 7 -13).    Korean A1     Geography     Visual Arts             3 or Group 4 in a language other
   Included in this are 30 students in   (SL	/	HL)     (SL	/	HL)     (SL	/	HL)               than their Language A1.
   the Graduation Class of 2012.
                                         English B     History	      Music
                                         (SL	/	HL)     (SL	/	HL)     (SL	/	HL)

                                         French B      Biology       Film
                                         (SL	/	HL)     (SL	/	HL)     (HL	/	SL)

                                         German B      Chemistry
                                         (SL	/	HL)     (SL	/	HL)

                                         Spanish ab    Physics
                                         initio (SL)   (SL	/	HL)

                                                                         SCHOOL	PROFILE	2011/2012

iB Diploma programme Grading System                          colleges and Universities attended by
The IB Diploma students are monitored and graded             BiSB Graduates since 2007
throughout the two years of the Diploma Programme            Europe
using the IB grading system for each subject which gives     •	   Webster American Uni., Austria, Int. Relationships
the students a grade between 1 - 7.                          •	   Officer	training	in	the	German	Army	(Deutsches	Heer)
                                                             •	   Uni. of Vienna, Austria, Media & Communication
iGcSe Grading System                                         •	   Vienna University, Austria, Business
                                                             •	   LdM, Florence, Italy (Marist), Art Conversation
The grading system used is that of the Cambridge
                                                             •	   Uni. of Zagreb, Croatia, Economics
University Examinations Board ( There        •	   ICAI Madrid, Spain, Mechanical engineering
are no simple correlations between percentages scored        •	   City University, Slovakia, Management
and grades awarded as there are variations between           •	   Uni. of Economics in Bratislava, Slovakia, Economics
subjects	and	year-on-year	fluctuations.                      •	   Bratislava’s Uni. of Law, Slovakia, Law
                                                             •	   Komenskeho Uni., Slovakia, Law, General medicine
examination results                                          •	   Uni. of Economics, Czech Republic, Economics and IT
                                                             •	   Slovak Uni. of Technology in Bratislava, Slovakia, Architecture
                                                             •	   Uni. of New York in Prague, Czech Republic, Business Management
                        iGcSe june 2009                      •	   Charles Uni., Czech Republic, Medicine
    Percentage of students
  achieving 5 or more passes                 86%
                                                             United Kingdom
        at grades A*-C                                       •	   Aberdeen, Engineering, Psychology
                                                             •	   St Andrews, Psychology, Management, Int.Relations
     252	papers	sat	/	87%	papers	passed	with	grades	A*-C     •	   Anglia Ruskin, Psychology and Criminology
                        iGcSe june 2010                      •	   Aston, Business and Management
                                                             •	   Bath, German and Business Marketing
    Percentage of students
                                                             •	   Birmingham, International Studies with Political Science
  achieving 5 or more passes                 90%
                                                             •	   Bristol, Economics
        at grades A*-C
                                                             •	   Canterbury Christ Church, Primary Education
     268	papers	sat	/	87%	papers	passed	with	grades	A*-C     •	   DeMontford University, Marketing
                        iGcSe june 2011                      •	   Edinburgh,	Molecular	Biology,	Spanish	and	History,	Psychology
                                                             •	   Edinburgh College of Art, Landscape Architecture
    Percentage of students                                   •	   Edinburgh, Chemical Physics, Sustainable Development
  achieving 5 or more passes                 82%             •	   Exeter, Clinical Sciences
        at grades A*-C                                       •	   Essex, Int. Enterprise and Business Development
     295	papers	sat	/	83%	papers	passed	with	grades	A*-C     •	   Glasgow, English Literature and Russian
                                                             •	   Heriot-Watt,	Marketing	and	Business	Law
Our examination board, Cambridge International               •	   Imperial College London, Mathematics and Computer Science
Examinations, does not publish overall international         •	   Keele University, Psychology
                                                             •	   Kingston, Business Studies
results average. It does, however, issue comaparisons for
                                                             •	   Kings College London, Law
subjects. Based on an amalgamated calculation                •	   Leicester, Chemistry, French, English, Management Studies
of the subjects we take, average for the summer              •	   London Metropolitan Uni., Intern. Business Studies
would be 75.6% ( against 83% for this school).               •	   Manchester,	Politics	and	Modern	History,	Engineering	 	
                                                             •	   Nottingham, European Studies, Int. Relations
iB Diploma                                                   •	   Oxford, Arabic and Islamic Studies
                                                             •	   Oxford Brookes, Intern. Relationships & Politics
                                                             •	   Plymouth, Music Performance, Fine Arts
           Year                2009       2010      2011     •	   Royal	Holloway,	London,	Economics	with	Spanish
                                                             •	   Sheffield,	Landscape	Architecture	with	Ecology
     No. of students            15         27        21      •	   SOAS, Law
      Subject entries           120        216       168     •	   Southampton, Law, Int.Relations, Anthropology
                                                             •	   Surrey, International Politics
   BISB candidates who                                       •	   Sussex, Psychology, Anthropology
                                 12         23        19
  successfully passed the                                    •	   Uni. of the West of England, Bristol, Int. Business
                               (80%)      (85%)    (90.5%)
         Diploma                                             •	   Uni. of Wales Institute Cardiff, Psychology
    World average            78.71 %   78.06 %     77.99 %   •	   Warwick, Sociology, Law, Management, Foundation Course

   BISB Average points          35         33        34      United States
                                                             •	 Barry	Uni.	of	Florrida,	Business	Studies;	Ohio	State	Uni.,	History;		 	
    World average              29.51      29.55     29.61       Uni. In Minneapolis, USA, Biology
                                44         40        41      Other
     points awarded
                                                             •	 Sungkyunkwan Uni., South Korea; Simbiosis Institute, Pune, India;
   BISB Average grade          5.64        5.3      5.36
                                                                KAIST (Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technlogy); Uni.
 World average grade           4.66       4.65      4.66        of	Athens’;	Uni.	in	South	Africa;	Uni.	of	Hong	Kong,	Manufacturing	
                                                                Engineering with Technology Management

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