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									                                   CALL FOR PAPERS
       Asylum and Displacement in the Twenty-First Century:
           Performing Community, Crisis and Belonging

A two-day conference on performative responses to asylum and displacement. The vast
populations of asylum seekers, refugees and other unauthorised or irregular migrants
represent the vanguard of some of the most pressing challenges in a globalised world:
conflict, crisis, poverty, security, human rights, environmental degradation and climate
change. The conference will facilitate scholarly and creative exchange, investigating ways
in which performance might witness, respond to and intervene in these challenges.
Performance in this context may include professional and amateur theatre, community,
youth and applied performance, film, protest and activism, site-specific work, and more
broadly, the ‘enactment’ of citizenship and belonging.

Supported by the Department of Drama and Theatre, the Centre for International Theatre
and Performance Research (CITPR), and the Humanities and Arts Research Centre
(HARC) at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Confirmed keynote speakers: Professor James Thompson (University of Manchester)
and Assoc. Professor Prem Kumar Rajaram (Central European University).

Researchers, artists and other stakeholders are invited to submit 250-word abstracts for
papers or practical presentations in response to any of the following topics:

    Applied, participatory and community performance
    Education and youth theatre
    Verbatim, testimonial or tribunal theatre
    Intercultural and multilingual performance
    Cinematic representations of asylum and displacement
    Protest and activism
    Site-specific performance
    Borders, border-crossings and territoriality
    Biopower, security, incarceration and human rights
    Sovereignty, citizenship and belonging
    Cosmopolitanism, globalisation and the ethics of hospitality
    Ecology, climate change and displacement
    Indigeneity and displacement

Details of additional conference guests and a publication will be announced in due course.

Please forward abstracts to the conference organiser by 31 August 2011: Dr Emma Cox,
Department of Drama and Theatre, Royal Holloway:
Conference registration deadline: 16 December 2011

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