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									The Different Modules
in Leadership Courses
Whether a person is in the business for less than five years or for at least 10 years, there is still
a need to enhance one's leadership skills, management styles, and peer-to-peer association
techniques. In Perth, management courses are being offered to qualified individuals, mostly to
those with leadership and management experience for a number of years. Essentially, a
leadership training can be expected to improve one's decision-making capacity and
management skills.

Experts are saying that good programs for leadership training have around four modules or five
modules at most. Let us discuss them one by one.

1.    SKILLS BUILDING MODULE. This module, which can be completed for about 10 weeks, is
usually off-campus. Since the format is distance-learning, it can be expected for participants to
have different degrees of proficiency and experience in a number of fields such as in finance,
accounting or administration. Nonetheless, a common level of learning must be established
among them; this is done by requiring the participants to complete the coursework required
and the set of proficiency examinations. Thereafter, everyone may proceed to the next module.

2.    CROSS-FUNCTIONAL APPROACH MODULE. A competent and a participant-based
leadership development training has cross-functional approach which can run for about two
weeks on-campus. This approach allows everyone to have a taste of the latest organizational
techniques and a number of business technologies. More importantly, participants can learn
new ways and more functional key areas, such as function strategy formulation, strategy
alignment, strategy implementation, growth strategies, and control system.

3. STRATEGY FORMULATION AND EXECUTION MODULE. This is another off-campus learning
which can take nearly 14 weeks to accomplish. At the onset, participants are required to do
exercises, individual study and many more cross-functional collaboration activities. Often,
exercises such as exposures on strategy project, business simulation activity, facing change of
leadership and management, and customized leadership training and assessment are included
in the module. In particular, business simulation activity focuses on the leaders that come from
competing companies or the same line of industry. Peers are assigned to assume a senior
manager role that performs a very crucial executive function; in this way, everyone gets to feel
how to be on top of the management line.

4.   LEADING CHANGE MODULE. This is another on-campus learning activity which can be
completed in two weeks. Before taking up this module, participants are expected to be ready to
push forward for real results in their respective organizational structure. The focus is more on
leadership innovation techniques wherein executives are trained to make their company
become a market leader rather than a mere market player.

5.    PERSONAL LEADERSHIP MODULE. This module has been regarded as optional in a
management consulting or in any other leadership training center in Australia, including Perth.
For two weeks, the entire activity can be completed on-campus. The approach here is more
personal since there are exploratory works about what it means to be a top executive, the
responsibilities attached to the position, and how to execute professional development

Whether you are in a specific leadership situation or in a general business circumstance,
completing a course in leadership development is always a plus factor. For sure, the program
will benefit not only yourself, but also the business organization where you belong.

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