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									       JavaScript encroach on the turf of the
                    family of C
The family of C is incredibly popular, especially if we refer to the index TIOBE which measures the
popularity of programming languages based on the number of web pages returned by a search engine
when it submit the name of the programming language. This has not really changed for the month of
June 2013, but the language is climbing rapidly.

According to the latest report, the TIOBE index mentions that JavaScript has made its way back into the
top 10 programming languages for the month of June . This boost would enable the JavaScript is related
to new applications such as Node.js and its use in creating games HTML5 .

Of course, in the family of C is found in the top 10, C, Objective-C, C + + or C #, which have probably not
something to worry about the rise of JavaScript , and challenges before it becomes widely adopted.

JavaScript is generally regarded as a programming language in which it is easy to make mistakes. It is
interpreted, so most errors occur only at the time of execution. That's why Google has designed Dart
(currently in 80th position) as the successor of JavaScript. But also other programming languages have
been designed to generate JavaScript code instead of writing manually.

Among other lessons that can be learned, Objective-C gradually up the scale index . In April, the growth
had stalled , slipping behind the C + + to rank in the fourth position. Now he took the bull by the horns,
and just upgrade the C + +. This is probably due to an increase in iOS development. In the coming
months, the language should continue to rise especially with the arrival of iOS 7 on the horizon.

The only other change in family C is that C # has fallen to sixth place after being dethroned by PHP .
However, this is just a normal fluctuation, and I would not be surprised to see him back next month.

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