Youth Ministry Object Lesson: Briefcases by sappken


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 Youth Ministry
 Object Lesson:

 Use this Object Lesson
  using briefcases for a
      discussion on
   appearances and of
chasing after new things.

1. As many smart-looking black
executive brief-cases as you can
borrow; inside each one place a
clear plastic bag with something
unsavory in it, such as a squashed
tomato, an old sandwich or a
broken biscuit; molded bread,
curdled milk.
2. A well-worn, old-fashioned
brief-case; inside this case put a
wallet or some cash. Alternatively
you can use a wallets or purses.

Object Lesson
1. Talk about executive brief
cases and the image that they
convey, pretending that you
have always wanted one.
Compare the smartness of the
cases you have borrowed and
take a walk with each one,
looking very important and
pleased with yourself. Make fun
of the old briefcase.

2. Open each nice executive
briefcase and express horror as
you reveal the contents.
3. Pick up the old-fashioned
brief-case and discuss how this
old thing could not possibly
contain anything interesting or
worthwhile. Open it and take out
the money with complete
amazement. Who would have
thought? Something valuable
inside an old case like this?

1. I sam 16 – God does not
judge by appearances, what is
on the outside, but by the
heart – what is on the inside.

2. 2 Kings – In the Northern
Kingdom, God was concerned with
the internal disobedience of the
Israelites'. He was concerned with
the fact that they did not put away
their idols. For Israel, their new
golden calves were like the
executive briefcase- Looks great,
but they led to the decay of Israel.
They left corruption and
disobedience in their hearts. Their
faith had become old, seemingly
forgotten and they did not believe
they could find anything
worthwhile in it.

3. Many of todays youth view
Christianity in the same way as
the old briefcase. They are
raised in a high tech, ever
changing world. Whatever is
new, sleek, and attractive is in.
Whatever is old is out. For
many of them, their faith has
become like the old ragged
briefcase. They do not believe
that anything worthwhile can
be found in it.

Yet if they were willing to really
look into it they would discover
that inside it lies the greatest
treasures. Just because
something is old doesn’t mean
it isn’t of great worth. Like
Israel many of today’s youth
run after every new fad and
exciting new discovery only to
realize later that they were
hollow if not destructive.

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