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									Maximo Marina In St. Petersburg FL Takes The Stress Out Of Boat Storage For Locals

St Petersburg FL, 29-JUNE-2013 - Maximo Marina, a modern and complete St. Petersburg FL marina,
is pleased to announce that the full-service marina offers boat storage for local watercraft owners and
reduces or eliminates stress. A boat represents a significant financial investment for most people.
Ensuring that the asset is secure from theft or vandalism is an important role that is undertaken by the
marina security people.

The marina is fenced to prevent casual access to the property and the boats of locals and visitors alike.
There are security people who patrol the area during the evening hours. This is an additional level of
physical security.

When the boat is stored at the marina, all the facilities are close by so that necessary repairs and
maintenance tasks can be accomplished without transporting the boat to another location. For example,
there is access to fuel for operating the watercraft. Other supplies can be picked up at the convenience
store located close to the marina.

Boat owners have the option of various types of storage. There are wet slips for the larger craft or for
those owners who want to be able to quickly access the fun of a day or a week on the water. Wet slips
are open air, or can be under cover. For those owners who want a dry dock, the marina offers dozens
that are easily accessible. Smaller watercraft can be lifted into one of the rack units. Because there is a
hoist associated with the marina, it is easy and convenient to place the craft into the water quickly.

When locals plan to use their boats for a short period, they don't want to spend a huge chunk of their
water time preparing for the time on the water. Storage close by is convenient so that an owner can go
from home or the job for an evening cruise or relaxing weekend trek quickly.

Learn more about the storage options available for local boat owners at the St. Petersburg FL marina by
visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and individuals
who have questions about the contents of this press release are urged to contact the company at the
location described below.

Company Name: Maximo Marina
Address: 4801 37th Street South, St. Petersburg Florida 33711
Contact Telephone Number: (727) 867-1102

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