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									Secure-It, Inc Provides Theft Deterrent Solutions For Desktop And Laptop Computers

East Longmeadow MA, 29-JUNE-2013 - Secure-It, Inc. Is pleased to announce that the firm offers
theft prevention and theft deterrent solutions for both laptop and desktop computers. A computer or
laptop often represents a substantial financial investment to the owners, but it typically contains a vast
amount of sensitive or secure information that could be used against the owner or employer. The use of
an East Longmeadow MA privacy monitor protects information from prying eyes.

The need for security on high-value equipment is obvious. One type of alarm is the Sonic Shock
device. It is a securely attached alarm that is set off when a thief attempts to steal equipment. The alarm
is not motion activated, but is a piercing siren that lasts for up to two hours. The alarm sound cannot be
eliminated unless a key is used. This is a deterrent measure as well as a mechanism to capture thieves
in the act.

According to a company spokesperson., "Quality and strength are our main focus for our PC desktop
lock security solutions. We continue to provide only the best in the industry. Kablit computer cable lock
packages can range from our patented screw-on fasteners to our industrial strength glue-on discs. Our
cables are vinyl coated, aircraft quality steel."

A cable lock package for computers protects desktops or tower PCs by securing them to an immovable
object or to a workstation. It is possible with some of the packages to chain a series of computers
together to make it even more difficult to steal one unit.

For portable units such as laptops or notebooks, the use of a portable security lock uses a cable and
lock. The device is suitable for any type of portable computer. It is not difficult to use and is relatively
inexpensive to acquire. It doesn't require a key to activate, just the push of a button.

Learn more about various methods of protecting hardware and the information visible on a computer
monitor, such as an East Longmeadow MA privacy monitor, by visiting the web pages at today. Members of the press and others who have questions about the
information contained within this press notice are invited to contact the company at the location
described here.

Company Name: Secure-It, Inc.
Address: 140 Denslow Road, East Longmeadow, MA 01028
Contact Telephone Number: (413) 525-7039
Toll-Free Telephone Number: (800) 451-7592
Fax Telephone Number: (413) 525-8807

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