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									Design Group Of Philadelphia In Mainline PA Provides Personal Shopping Solutions

Philadelphia, PA, 29-JUNE-2013 - Design Group of Philadelphia, LLC, and Mainline PA interior
design company president, Erin McDonnell, are happy to announce that the firm offers personal
shopping solutions for business or residential clients. There are many reasons why the services of a
personal shopper might be appropriate. They include lack of time, knowledge or interest.

Lack of time to shop is often cited as a reason to retain the services of a personal shopper. In order to
spend time looking for the right colors, shapes, sizes or products for oneself, or as gifts for another
person, it may require giving up a significant portion of free time to find and purchase the perfect item.
The use of a personal shopper from the Mainline PA interior design firm reduces all the looking time,
so that only the best options need to be viewed in order to make a purchasing decision.

Lack of knowledge is another reason to use the solutions offered by a personal shopper. When buying
big ticket items or complicated products, doing the appropriate amount of research can prevent the
buyer from selecting a poor quality item, or one which has negative reviews. A shopper who studies the
information available about a product will assist the buyer in getting the best value for the money.

For someone who loves the process of shopping, it may be hard to understand why there would be no
interest in shopping. However, not everyone gets enjoyment out of wandering around in stores looking
for the perfect items. For this type of person, leaving the shopping part out of purchasing items is a
great reason for employing a personal shopper.

The personal shopper takes care of completing paperwork to arrange for registration and delivery
needs. When a personal shopper is selected, the initial consultation will record pertinent information
about preferences in colors, sizes and styles.

Learn more about personal shopping services from the Mainline PA interior design firm by going to the
web pages at today. Members of the press and others who
have further questions regarding the contents in this press release ought to contact Erin McDonnell at
the location described below.

Contact Person Name: Erin McDonnell
Company Name: Design Group of Philadelphia, LLC
Address: Philadelphia, PA
Contact Telephone Number: (610) 990-3105

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