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									Design Group Of Philadelphia In Mainline PA Offers Custom Interior Design Options For Your

Philadelphia, PA, 28-JUNE-2013 - Design Group of Philadelphia, LLC, and Erin McDonnell, President
of the Mainline PA interior design firm, are pleased to announce that interior design options are
available for businesses. Today, in the drive to improve business traffic, improving the appearance of
the commercial space is encouraged. The professionals who create the dream space are skilled in
understanding client wishes and translating them into attractive and functional commercial spaces.

Erin McDonnell, President, and Mainline PA interior design professional, explained to an interviewer
recently, "I have completed the design and decor projects of a number of commercial and business
spaces in the Philadelphia area. The Waterbridge Court Condos, various law offices, restaurants, the
Trump Sales Center at 1 Liberty and the Model at Bella Vista Lofts. I've also completed projects for
assisted living facilities."

She continues, "I work through a wide range of services and activities. My assistance as a Mainline PA
interior design professional bring coordination for colors, fabrics, furniture, window coverings and wall
coverings. I also help with lighting. In short, I participate in every aspect of making the commercial
space as appealing and attractive to employees and clients as possible."

The work of a professional designer includes more than colors and fabrics. It also is active in space
planning and renovation projects. When staging is required, the designer has the knowledge and
experience to manage everything from the first consult to the final product.

In each project, the wishes and preferences of the business client are understood and implemented in
the best possible way. The finished project meets the "must haves" of the client in a way that is
attractive, functional and cohesive.

Learn more about how to implement a dream space in your business or commercial space by visiting
the web pages at today. Members of the press and others
who have additional questions about the information in this press release are encouraged to contact
Erin McDonnell at the location described below.

Contact Person Name: Erin McDonnell
Company Name: Design Group of Philadelphia, LLC
Address: Philadelphia, PA
Contact Telephone Number: (484) 645.5232

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