Learning How to Play Your New Drums

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					Learning How to Play Your New Drums
Patients from Salt Lake orthopedic clinics recovering from a knee replacement surgery will often
be assisted in their recovery efforts by taking up a new hobby of some kind. One of the better
hobbies that a recovering patient can take up is learning to play the drums.

Their knee replacement surgeon may advise against it, but more often than not the surgeon will
support their patient in taking up the drums. They normally do this because, for one, it give the
less than mobile patient a productive and creative outlet while they recover, and for two, the foot
pedals of a drum set can help in the recuperation process of the replaced knee.

Finding a Teacher
Learning how to play the drums on your own can be difficult, but it is definitely doable. If you
have the resources to take drumming lessons, it may be beneficial to start by taking some basic
drumming lessons to ensure that you have a good foundation with your drumming skills.

When you set out to find a drum teacher, you want to ensure that you find someone that is
trained and skilled in the style of drumming that you are interested in learning. Know what drum
                                       set you have and the goals that you want to accomplish
                                       before you start looking for a teacher.

                                      As you talk with different teachers in your area, you should
                                      make sure that you understand the qualifications that each
                                      teacher has and the cost of the lessons that each teacher
                                      provides. While you are looking through the different
                                      teachers in the area, don’t be afraid to go in to talk.

Talking with a teacher can provide you with a feel for their personality and their teaching style.
When you find a teacher that you are comfortable with and that you know you will be able to
afford, sign up for lessons with your teacher.

While you are attending your drum lessons, you will start by learning some basic drum beats.
Drum beats will establish the beat and the meter of the song that you are learning and as you
continue to progress the drum beats that you leave will become more complicated.

Practice Practice Practice
The different drum beats, or patterns, that you learn are going to help you continue to build to
more complicated beats and patterns. To progress to more complicated drum beats or patterns,
you should be sure that you understand how important it is to practice.

Practicing on a consistent basis is a great way to be able to master new beats and new patterns to
ensure that you are making the progress that you want to make. When you struggle with a
specific beat or pattern, talk to your teacher about what you can do to make it easier.
If you do not find a teacher that you want to take lessons from or if you choose to teach yourself,
be patient as you learn your basic beats. Learning basic drum beats is the foundation that you
will need to ensure that you are going to be able to
learn more complicated beats.

Take time practicing and assessing your skill level as
you progress. Videotaping yourself is a great way to
watch and catch mistakes that you may make and
ensure that you can stop any bad habits before they
become too engrained.

Stopping your bad habits early will ensure that you are
able to play successfully and meet your goals. Don’t get too disappointed or frustrated and keep
working hard so you can put those new drums to good use.

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