Choose the Right Arrows for your Crossbow

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					                                    Carbon or Aluminum Arrows?

What is the best type of bolt should I shoot from my crossbow, aluminum crossbow arrows or carbon
bolts? This answer might surprise you! …Whatever you prefer! Some choose because of the cost other
like the way one perform in the field than the other and others just don’t care.

                                          Crossbow Arrows

The reality is you can shoot whatever arrow you want as long as it meets the manufactures minimum
recommended weight. Some crossbow shooters prefer aluminum while others prefer carbon. This is
likely due to the fact that aluminum arrows are a far less expensive than their carbon fiber
counterparts. They also tend to be more consistent in spine than carbon arrows which mean they are
truer, straighter. Aluminum also weighs more per inch than carbon arrows. While using the same
components an aluminum crossbow arrow will weigh more. Aluminum arrows have a tendency to bend
or crease easier than carbon crossbow arrows when shooting tight groups. Carbon, compared to
aluminum, tends to hold up to wear and tear longer, especially with the beating they receive from
modern day crossbows. Due to this, today manufacturers lean more towards producing carbon arrows
than aluminum arrows with the split being 10 to 1.

Remember, whichever arrows you decide to shoot, the most important thing to remember is never
shoot an arrow from a crossbow that is rated lighter than what the crossbow manufacture
recommends. Yes, I know I already this has already been stated but this is very important. Shooting an
arrow rated lighter than recommended for a crossbow can lead to possible damage to your bow or even
worse, potentially cause injury to yourself.

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