; How fast can a crossbow bolt get?
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How fast can a crossbow bolt get?


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									                                How fast can a crossbow bolt get?

        A lot of people in the hunting and archery community have been debating whether or not
crossbows are faster than compound archery bows. The fact of the matter is that this discussion
has, from time, favored crossbows, until a certain point. Compared to compound and traditional
bows the velocity of a crossbows arrow slowly decreases or decelerates over longer distances.
This makes them less than ideal when they are in competition with archery arrows when the
targets are much farther. But in terms of raw power and speed the crossbow is king! In the 30 to
40 yard range crossbows far out perform compound bows.

So how fast does a crossbow’s arrow travel to reach a certain target that’s around 30 to 40 yards
away from it? Well, there are a lot of things that can affect the velocity of the arrows once
they’re in motion and among these factors would be the power stroke. The power stroke is
basically the length the string travels from being drawn fully up until its rest position. Together
with the draw weight, these two factors dictate the velocity of the bolts or arrows fired from
crossbows. Consequently, with these two factors in mind, anyone who would want to get the
fastest crossbows in the market need only to make sure that they get the weapon that has the right
combination of these two factors and they could easily make the speediest kills of the game that
they usually hunt down.

        One advantage of a bolt or arrow that’s moving fast is the fact that once it hits, the target
will immediately feel the force of the hit. This makes maiming or killing game much easier
because you really would not want to have game surviving your initial shot. If you have plans on
skinning the animal, then you would not want the skin to have a lot of holes in it right? This also
lessens the suffering of the animal because nobody wants game to thrash around and possibly
also ruin their coat once they’ve been hit. Additionally, there are other factors that might affect
the velocity like wind speed and direction but usually these are considered negligible.

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