Crossbows – Which draw weight suits you best?

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					                         Crossbows - Which draw weight suits you best?

   If you are a hunter of the 21st century still hunting with a crossbow, chances are people who
  don’t know any better might think you are sick in medieval times. What they do not know is,
  time has passed and hunting large and small game is still as effective as doing so with a rifle.
   Technology and numerous innovations of crossbows over the past couple are probably more
 complex and more refined than some guns. Although you really cannot replace guns in terms of
raw firepower and ease of use, their predecessors, the crossbow, is slowly but surely catching up.

        Generally speaking, if you want to choose the most powerful crossbow you need to make
sure that you choose one that has the heaviest draw weight. The draw weight basically translates
to the amount of force or weight needed to draw the bow for you to notch your quarrels or bolts.
Following the various laws and concepts in physics then, the potential energy of a crossbow that
has a higher draw weight is much higher than one that has a lesser draw weight. So once the
triggering mechanism releases the string all the potential energy would transfer to the string
thereby propelling the bolt or quarrel with much more power. One drawback about this is that the
farther away the quarrel or bolt flies off, the lesser the power it would be able to deliver. This is
why bows are much better when you want to hunt with a large leeway from your prey.

        So when choosing crossbows it is best you make sure to check its draw weight, especially
if you want one that is powerful. This would explain why if you compare recurve and compound
bows, the former would always come out as the most powerful. There are also numerous factors
affecting the speed and power of these types of weapons so it recommended doing additional
research, prior to making a decision to purchase one.

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