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									PAUL A. COMET

Houston Tx 77064

Phone (281) 955-1402,

E-mail pcomet@prodigy.net / paulsiew_comet@hotmail.com

Family status: married with one child.


Ph.D. Organic Geochemistry, Bristol University,

M.S. Micropaleontology, University College, London University,

B.S. Geology, Queen Mary College, London University,

EXPERIENCE: Basin & Reservoir analysis of SE Asian & Middle East Basins; World
Petroleum Systems ; Basin Analysis of the Gulf of Mexico ; Source Rocks in a Sequence
Statigraphic context; Oceanic Anoxic Events; Reservoir Geochemistry. Biomarkers.

Recent courses taken :

Seismic & log correlation software courses: North Harris Community College

GeoGraphix's GESXplorer Geological Interpretational software

GeoGraphix's PRIZM Log Analysis software


April 2012 to April 2013 Stratochem Labs. Cairo. Develop XRF analytical protocols for
“geosteering” using trace elements for lithostratigraphic correlation.

April 2010 to April 2012

Idea Connection - significant award “uses of health biomarkers”.

Other consulting work has involved work on CO2 sequestration in Webern field, Saskatchewan

Sept. 1999 to June 2009

High School Science Teacher, various Texas schools from K9 – 12
Geology instructor at Tomball College; 2007

Environmental Science & Astronomy @ Houston Community College, Stafford & Alief

1998 to 1999

Computer consultancy (programming) Geodata publishers. College Station. Working on US oil
geochemical data base. Oil typing.

1989 to June 1998:

Associate Research Scientist

Geochemical and Environmental Research Group, Texas A&M University

Responsible for following projects:

. Determining the Origin of the Oils of the Gulf of Mexico.

. Mapping the Oils of the Gulf of Mexico

· Interpreting the GC-MS data oil types of the Gulf of Mexico .

· Mapping of marine petroleum seepage.

· Several significant publications in peer reviewed journals.

1985 - 1989

Senior Geologist

Core Laboratories International Singapore & Indonesia

Supervision of large geochemistry laboratories.

Performed and supervised:

. Report preparation, staff evaluations, promotions.

· Geochemical evaluation of single wells and whole basin evaluation from Gulf of Mexico,
China, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia. Oman, Pakistan, U.A.E.
. Use of backstripping software (Platte River) integration of well logs, Geochemical data,

Clients served include Petronas, Pertamina, P.T. Caltex, Huffco, Idemitsu, Japex , JNOC.

Feb. - Mar. 1985

Shipboard Geochemist, ODP (Ocean Drilling Project), Leg 101.

1983 - 1985

Research Associate

Organic Geochemistry Unit, Department of Geology, University of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Study of lipids of Deep Sea Sediments by hydrous pyrolysis.


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Comet, P.A., Rafalska, J.K. and Brooks, J.M. (1993) Sterane and triterpane patterns as diagnostic
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