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									June 14, 2013
Our Reff : EE/EE

Antony Edward
The Head of Office Services Department
Indo Global Company
Sudirman street number 12

Dear Mr. Edward :
Subject : Lighting Complain

I am a secretary of public relation department. I am working in special room beside the room of
the head of public relation department in fifteenth floors exactly.

As You know that, my duties is related with the important documents or business letters which
must be done well. In finishing my duties, it is sure that it requires a good lighting. But
unfortunately, in my room, i feel it does not have a good lighting to support me in finishing my
duties well. As a result, I often felt headaches recently. I have already gone to doctor and ask
about my problem. The doctor said that it is due to extra work of the eyes because of working in
a poor lighting so it makes a high tension to nerves in my head and after that, it makes a
headache. In addition, i used sunglasses with minus three before but now it is worse become
minus four and then, until now i often still feel that headaches. Due to this problem, i believe that
it will make some bad effects to my performance of working. As a develop company, it will
ensure that our company do many cooporation with local relation or foreign relation, and it
influence the amount of my duties as a secretary of public relation department. So that is why, if
my problem is ignored, it will be sure that it will disturb me in finishing my duties.

Therefore, i really need a better lighting than now. And after that, i hope it can increase my
performance of working in finishing my duties without feeling headaches anymore. Thank you.


Eya Efillionita
The Secretary of Public Relation Department

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