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     HOW DO WE

Ismail Waja from
     A Prayer by Prophet Moses (AS)

“O my Lord! Expand my breast
Ease my task for me and
Remove the knots from my
So that they may understand
  what I say.”
                   (Qur’an 20: 25-28)
      How do we prepare for death

1. How do we prepare a corpse
   for Burial

2. How do we as Muslims
   prepare to meet our Death
            How do we prepare a
              corpse for Burial

When we have a corpse we like everyone else will:
 Give it a good funeral
 Prepare the corpse in a respectable and dignified manner
 A good send off with kind words of remembrance
 A prayer for the soul to reach its destination
 Consoling the bereaved family & encourage them to
        continue with life
 Difference –we bury asap-in a shroud and not in a coffin
       How do we as Muslims
       prepare to meet our Death

   “Every soul shall have a taste of death. In the end to
       Us shall you be brought back” Qur’an 29:57
 There is no escape no matter what belief path you follow.
 All have to undertake this journey some time.
 When ever we undertake long journey we need to
prepare ourselves to meet all the likely and unknown
expectations of our trip.
 How does a Muslim prepare for this
inevitable journey of our final
     Preparation for the final Journey

Muslims have a very clear
  and defined check list of
  how to prepare for this
 Our conception of Life
 Our Status on this earth
 Our purpose on this earth
        Our Conception of Life

   GOD created man - shaped - system
   Made from earth – dust, sand, water, mud, clay
   GOD blew HIS spirit into man.
   2 Dimensional being
   Man - potential and capacity to move
   Gave him knowledge
   Man should function
      Man’s Status on this earth
   GOD’s viceroy on earth.
   Man - act independently – guidance - 25
   Accountable - day of judgement
   Rewarded and suffer
“Then shall anyone who has done an atom’s weight of good see it. And
anyone who has done an atom’s weight of evil will see it,” (Qur’an 99:7,8)
     Man’s Purpose on this Earth

   Accept the oneness of God
   The universe – controlled, governed, maintain
   All our efforts, actions for GOD
   Submit – Muslim
   Position you hold in life – remain below the
    deity of God.
        “Who is superior to us in strength?
        God who created them is superior to
        them in strength”      (Qur’an 41:15)
       Man’s purpose on Earth cont.
 Cosmic realm – order, balance and harmony
 Man - golden mean between the extremes
    Pleasures of world - abstain nor absorbed

    Stoop so low and mean - bows nor high and
     mighty to supersede the Lord
    His will - helpless & ineffective nor so powerful –
     his will is everything - humble
 He is the viceroy of the LORD - obedience
 This world is the harvest for the Hereafter.
 The concept of accountability - a deterrent and limits
        A Saying and a Prayer

An Arabic Saying:
‘Work in life as if you are going to live forever
Work for the Hereafter as if you are going to die

“Say, Surely my prayer, my sacrifice, my living
  and my dying are for God, the Lord of all that
  exists.” (Qur’an 6:162)
         IN PRAYER
We ask the ALL MIGHTY to
  forgive us from any feelings
  of pride that is unintentionally
  conveyed in this
We ask ALL MIGHTY to soften
  our hearts and create greater
  understanding so that we
  can serve YOU as YOUR
  viceroys in the service of
    Thank You
  Assalamu Alaikum

Peace be with all of you
Postures in Salaat (prayer)


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