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Danny's Firewood and Timber Supplies


We supply timber for everything from tabletop slabs, tongue and groove flooring, bush poles, decking, verandah posts, timber for jetties and other structural features, to rough-edge clocks and tables.

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									Making your own home more beautiful with timber supplies

As far as you know, you can find a lot of the top hardwoods in Western Australia which
can be utilised in the furniture sector like Jarrah, Marri and lots of other forms.
Hardwoods have their superb longevity, exclusive colou and striking styles. As a result of
acceptance, a lot of people rely on them for a selection of household furniture such as
beds, tops, tables, chairs and ect. If you'd like to possess the Marri furniture Perth along
with Jarrah home furniture WA, you are able to go for Danny’s Timber Materials.

Danny's Firewood and Timber Supplies began in 1995 as suppliers of firewood. Danny's
Timber Supplies has utilised Jarrah and Marri wood for the lots of the top furnishings.
Things these kinds of as coffee tables, wooden displays, and cabinets will also be
accessible in. You may be surprised whenever you use Australian hardwoods to produce
beautifying your home.

Marri timber is often utilised in furniture that needs an even texture these kinds of as
tables and flooring but is also typically utilized for durable objects this kind of as beds
and chairs. Marri furniture Perth differ in colour from light yellow to pale brown but
could also be repainted to custom shades effortlessly when needed. Furniture made from
this material are very easy to sustain and often really durable due to its hardwood nature.
On account of these homes, furniture made out of Marri is very well-known in Western

Jarrah hardwood is well-known in furniture making because of its flexibility and
sturdiness allowing it for use in different indoor and outdoor apps. Jarrah is naturally
resistant to termites and might rise up to various weather conditions. As a result of these
characteristics, most Jarrah household furniture WA features doorways, decking, stairs,
frames, as well as other outdoor items. However, you may also find this hardwood useful
for numerous interior home furniture also.

Danny's Firewood and Timber Provides delivers numerous furniture patterns for different
apps in residences, offices, restaurants, and much more. We specialize in furnishings
produced from Jarrah and Marri wood but can also function with numerous timbers this
kind of as Victorian Ash on ask for. In case you must have some furnishings created, then
merely give us a call and our helpful workers can reply all of your questions and
considerations. Our employees could also occur in your home or office to get
measurements and specifics in order to match your furniture completely with

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