Hospitality Management Program Trains Students for Expanding Field by jasonw93


									     Hospitality Management Program Trains
          Students for Expanding Field
Summary: The Centennial College Hospitality Management
program that deals with restaurants and catering teaches students
theory and then offers practical application opportunities so that
students are fully prepared for the field.

With the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council anticipating
growth in the food and beverage services sector to employ 1.95-
million people by 2015 and 68 per cent of employees within this sector
to be young Canadians, it becomes clear that now is a great time to
attend a post-secondary Hospitality Management program.

The undertaking offered at Centennial College and officially known as
Hospitality Management – Restaurant and Catering prepares students,
in two years, for a challenging and satisfying career in restaurant
operations management. Applicants to this Hospitality Management
program must possess at minimum an Ontario Secondary School
Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, or have mature student status (19
years or older). In addition, they must have finished the English Grade
12 C or U or equivalent, or skills assessment.

The industry preparation in the Hospitality Management program
begins with learning essentials such as menu management and
design, kitchen management, beverage knowledge, bartending,
quantity food preparation, theory of food, supervisory practices for the
kitchen manager, cuisines of diverse cultures, marketing strategies
and more. This is achieved through lectures and labs at Centennial
College’s Progress Campus, which houses facilities such as a
hospitality management centre and an operating restaurant called

The hands-on practice prepares Hospitality Management program
students for two field placements that serve to offer real-world
experience prior to graduation. The first of these on-the-job
experiences enables learners to better understand the dynamics of the
kitchen manager position, increase their knowledge of industry
practices and provides a competitive advantage of experience in the
job market. Meanwhile, the second Hospitality Management field
placement offers students a continued learning experience, this time in
the restaurant and catering manager positions. Among the Hospitality
Management program’s industry partners are: Canyon Creek, Red
Lobster, Milagro Cantina, Jack Astor’s, The Keg, Kelsey’s, Swiss Chalet
and more.

The Hospitality Management program results in an Ontario College
Diploma and Smart Serve program and the National Sanitation
Training    certificates.  With    these    accreditations,   Hospitality
Management program grads may be responsible for tasks such as
analyzing and planning restaurant sales levels and profitability; setting
budgets and/or agreeing on them with senior management; menu
management; managing staff and providing them with feedback;
organizing and supervising the shifts of kitchen, waiting and cleaning
staff; checking stock levels and ordering supplies; and more.

If, however, these grads should want to further their education, they
may do so via the Hospitality Management program’s partnerships,
which allow them to apply academic credit towards further study.
These Hospitality Management program partnerships include:
Athabasca University, International Hotel Management Institute
(Switzerland), Vancouver Island University, University of New
Brunswick and Royal Roads University (B.C.).

Author Details: This article, which was written by Emma, focuses on
the Hospitality Management program that leads to careers at
places such as Swiss Chalet, The Keg and more.

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