Avoiding Trends in Wedding Pictures

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					Avoiding Trends in Wedding Pictures
Let’s be honest, sometimes trendy can ruin a photo. It does not take a photography education grad to
know that either.

For example, take a look back at your eighth grade
yearbook picture and take notice of your hair or
clothes or Snap-On bracelet. Photography education
101 states that the same idea applies to all you newly
engaged brides-to-be out there who have just begun
planning their gorgeous wedding photos.

Obviously, you don’t wear the same hairstyle or
clothes as you did in eighth grade, but the question is
still, “how do I avoid taking pictures that will be
embarrassing for me in ten or twenty years?” The
embarrassment factor does not come from you, but
instead it comes from trendy styles that will no longer
be in style.

Trendy Isn’t Always Tasteful
                                                So let’s take some real-life examples from the wedding
                                                capital of the world – Las Vegas! Obviously not everyone
                                                will get married in Vegas, but the principles behind
                                                timeless style in wedding photos are especially apparent
                                                in Las Vegas weddings, where you can find the range of
                                                options from completely trashy to world-class

                                                Wedding photographers and photography educators in
                                                Las Vegas are extremely good at helping brides showcase
                                                their personality through their wedding photos –
                                                probably because they work with thousands of
                                                completely different personality types in a given year.
                                                Your wedding photographer will probably have similar

                                                But, what about those brides who take pictures wearing
                                                six-inch wedge silvery-sparkly shoes that match their
                                                rhinestone encrusted bodice and their metallic bow in
                                                their hair because that look is hot right now? Sparkly
                                                shoes can be a fun part of your theme because they
                                                illustrate your bright and sparkly personality – but you
                                                should tone it down just a bit for the wedding photos, so
                                                for all accessories (including jewelry, flowers, bows,
                                                shoes, hair, etc.), use what you love while keeping it a bit
                                                more simple and classy for the pictures.
Keep It Classy
This one probably doesn’t need a huge amount of explanation. Basically, it’s not attractive to appear to
be having a little too good of a time at your wedding…even if that is more of the norm now.

And the important part is that photographers, and especially wedding photographers, should have
enough experience to know what types of pictures to take so they will not process a lot of embarrassing

This principle doesn’t include just your bridal dress, but also the dresses you choose for your
bridesmaids. Let’s just remember the horrors of the 1980’s with the huge sleeves and try not to repeat

But seriously, even though the styles of bridesmaid dresses are not as extreme now as they were then
(check out 80’s wedding pictures in Vegas – it’s fairly interesting), it would still be wise to choose dresses
that have a more classic style to them. Currently, more feminine styles (such as pastel colors, softer
fabric, flowers, summer-time dresses, belts and sashes) are hot trends, and some that you can use to
your advantage with running the risk of embarrassing yourself in ten to twenty years.

Photo Credit: Mãhi Teshneh, Dr.13, Sean Molin Photography via PhotoPin cc

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Description: Trendy doesn't mean tasteful when it comes to wedding photos. Learn what to keep and what to ditch for your wedding photos.