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Attracting Clients to Your Medical Practice


Every small business can use a boost, especially your medical practice. Learn how to give your practice a competitive edge.

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									Attracting Clients to Your Medical Practice
If you are a doctor with a medical practice, the odds are that you always appreciate new clients. It is a
very competitive world in the medical industry, and it is one where the different competitors are always
looking to find ways to get the upper hand.

Search Engine Optimization
One of the best ways for you to get an edge is to use an SEO
firm to promote the practices website online. SEO is the
process by which websites can be raised in the rankings of a
web search in order to become more visible and attract more
clients to your website.

In modern society, most people will be looking for their new
doctor’s office through the internet. Those who are interested
in seeing a doctor or getting a new one will likely go online in
order to find one and typically their search will not extend
beyond the first page.

Page Rank
Here they will find the highest ranking doctors with their correlating websites and will be able to quickly
go through the medical office’s information in order to make sure that the office will fulfill their needs.
To put it simply, if you are a medical doctor you will want your practice to be on the first page of a
Google search.

                                                                      When the site is listed on the first
                                                                      page, it will get far more attention
                                                                      than it would have otherwise. In
                                                                      fact, research has shown that the
                                                                      first page of a search result will get
                                                                      about ninety percent of any given
                                                                      volume of traffic who are looking for
                                                                      those terms or keywords, while the
                                                                      first few results will get the majority
                                                                      of that ninety percent.

                                                                      The first result shows legitimacy and
                                                                      competency to those who are
                                                                      interested, so they are far more
                                                                      likely to click through a higher
                                                                      ranked site than a website that is
                                                                      listed on page two or three of the
                                                                      search results.
Link Building
The goal of SEO is to work within these rules and to gain page rank through legitimate means. By
creating content and submitting links back to your site online, the number of people visiting will increase
and so will the overall effectiveness of the website itself.

It is crucial to build a page rank through
organic and natural means. Essentially,
one wants to get their practice’s website
where they desire on a web search
without trying to cheat the system, as
that will only result in severe penalty
from search engines like Google and

SEO work done for a doctor’s private
practice or medical clinic is a prime way
to increase the visibility of the medical
office’s website and therefore attract
more potential clients to the clinic.
Doctors, nurses, and office managers
can all benefit from learning more about
healthcare communication and
advertising through seminars, attending
healthcare communication education
courses, and participating in business
workshops on advertising.

When it all comes down to it, having SEO done for the practice is very much worth the investment. It
makes it so that there are more people who can become interested in the services offered and who may
become potential clients and sources of income.

Photo Credit: MoneyBlogNewz, SEOPlanter, FindYourSearch via PhotoPin cc

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