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					Religion Culminating
 Assignment Part: 1
  (Written Report)
   May 25, 2013
A) Describe your major talents, gifts, and or accomplishments. How do others currently
   benefit from your talents, gifts and accomplishments? In the future how could the
   world benefit from these?
          One of my most notable talents would have to be problem solving. I always love
   to have problems in front of me to solve whether it be code, in real life problems or
   video games in general and it has definitely brought me and others closer to God.

   One of my gifts that I’m most proud of is my sense of empathy. I always try and feel
   what loved ones or friends are feeling in order to lift them up because I know that at
   one time or another I was in their position and the help was needed and it is just the
   best feeling knowing that there is somebody who cares enough about you to empathize
   and take care of you in general.

   As of right now, I don’t have any extremely outstanding accomplishments that have
   changed the world. But what I do have is accomplishments between me and god. I have
   always throughout my life been doing small things for others in order for them to have a
   better day or whatever the case may be. It can be as little as holding the door open to
   giving someone a smile on when they’re looking down, and I know that this isn’t
   extremely good but I know that the small things I do for people are the big things I do
   for God and that motivates me to help others and be a leader to others.

   Sometime in the future the world could benefit from my small actions by preventing
   suicide or just helping people out when they need it most. Not too long ago a vague
   acquaintance reached out to me telling me about how their life meant nothing to them
   and that they were going to end it and I made it my personal goal to comfort and let
   them know that it is going to get better and to think about the good times and not
   always the bad. I’m happy to say that they are still here and happier than ever and that’s
   what keeps me happy. I understand that this can help the world because to most it
   would just seem like one person, but that person has family and friends that would be
   devastated by his loss. And because of that mine and God’s relationship has extremely
   strengthened. I can also help people build confidence and assist them with getting
   themselves out there by letting them know that they can do whatever it is they want.

B) Describe your type of intelligence. How does knowing your intelligence style help you
   form your faith?
   My type of intelligence is commonly classified as “People Smart”. I’m people smart
   because I can actively interact with others with a strong effectiveness in a positive
   manner to produce good outcomes. I also learn better when taught by a person in
   comparison to reading off of a paper.

   Knowing my intelligence style has helped me form my faith in ways that I couldn’t have
   done without it. In the most evident way it’s helped form my faith, I would say by
   helping me realize the importance of church and prayer. When I was extremely young I
   remember having a one on one talk with a priest and he basically just explained to me
   the process of mass and what it’s all about. And ever since then I have become so close
   to God and Jesus that I am extremely thankful for.

C) In what ways are you similar to the rest of your family? What ways are you unique? In
   what ways do you contribute to developing strong family values? Explain.

   In my family, I am the most unique. Some of the ways that I am similar is that I am
   extremely friendly if treated friendly and vice versa. This is not something that I am
   proud of because recently I have been working on learning to turn the other cheek and
   just ignore and forgive.. Another way that I am similar to my family members is my love
   for sports. Ever since I was a kid with my grandfather playing for a professional soccer
   team in Portugal, I have always loved the sport. I started playing around the age of 6 and
   still play to this day. And I thank my grandfather for teaching me and sharing the gift
   with me. The final and most evident way that I’m similar to my family is my ability to use
   what I have to my advantage. I realize that not everybody can be wealthy and I’m
   perfectly fine with that, and I have no problem using something that isn’t necessarily the
   best. I use what’s given to me and appreciate it.

   My family and family friends find it interesting on how anti-social I can be. It isn’t
   necessarily anti-socialism but that’s what they call it. For example some days I just enjoy
   being alone and pondering my thoughts and just keeping to myself because it calms me
   down and allows me to reflect on my daily actions and connect closer with God. But
   with that being said my family accepts me for who I am and respects my decisions.

   I myself have been lacking when it comes to developing strong family values. But in the
   times that I had they were most effective. For example the time my family was hurt
   because of the loss of a family member all of my family would eat at separate places and
   finally one day I took charge and forced everyone to eat together and let them know
   that the person who deceased wouldn’t want them like this, and it really helped my
   family cope with death easier and once again brought me and the rest of my family
   closer to God.

D) Write a reflection on how religion influences you, how it can help shape your
   personality? What have you learned in this class that has impacted you the most?

   Religion class influences me in such a positive way that I cannot put into words. Before I
   was in my first religion class I was starting to stray from Catholicism due to being away
   for a while etc. But ever since February I have learned so many new and empowering
   things that have brought me back and strengthened my faith like never before. It feels
   like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders, and I just have more people that love

   It can assist in shaping your personality by teaching you the ways of God and Jesus
   Christ our savior. Personally, it has made me a more loving person and I have lessened
   my activities that God would not like me doing such as video games.

   The piece of knowledge that I learned that has impacted me the most was people’s
   perception of you. Not too long ago our class was shown a series of videos put together
   by Dove. And it showed us that the worse judge of ourselves is ourselves. We always
   point out the bad things in ourselves but when it comes to others they show our true
   colours. I have a problem with self-esteem because of a small acne problem and after
   seeing that video it really boosted my self-esteem and I can never thank God and Mrs.
   Vilaranda for showing me that video!

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