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									      Sample Family Policy for Digital Devices
  1) I will talk with my parents about establishing the following rules for going online or using a mobile device:
        a. I am allowed ________ hours/minutes of screen time during the week and
        ________hours/minutes on the weekend. I am allowed _______ hours/minutes of screen time/day.
        b. I am allowed to use the internet, phones, and other devices for:
        games, social media, TV shows, music, movies, homework (circle all that apply)
        c. I am allowed to use these social media sites: ____________________________________________________________________
        d. The phone can be used for ____________________________ (Emergencies only? Define emergencies)
        To talk to friends? ______________________________________________________________________________________________
        e. I am allowed to send up to ___________ texts per day. Is there a restriction on who I may text? _________________________
        f. Apps on smartphones may only be downloaded or approved by my parents.
        They will be paid for by ____________
        g. Taking photos and exchanging photos will only be allowed under these conditions: ___________________________________
        h. I am only allowed to use these devices at friends’ houses: _________________________________________________________

  2) I agree that my parents can check my text messages and online search history. My parents can review existing and new screen
  names, email addresses, user logins and all passwords. I will not give my password to anyone else but my parents.

  3) I will not upload or download photos, games, music or videos or sign up for anything on the Internet, even if it's free, without my
  parents' consent.

  4) I will not give out personal information such as my address, telephone number, parents' work address/telephone number, the name
  or location of my school, where I play sports or the names of my family members without parental consent. I will not post this informa-
  tion to my profiles even if I think only my friends will see it.

  5) I know that nothing on the Internet is private, and that people online are not always who they say they are. If someone asks to meet
  me in person, I will immediately get my parents or an adult whom I trust.

  6) If I break or lose my phone, the consequences are: __________________________________________________________________
  7) If I break the terms of this contract, the consequences are: __________________________________________________________

 I agree to abide by this contract:                                                   I will help my child follow this agreement and will allow
                                                                                      reasonable use of the Internet as long as these rules
                                                                                      and other family rules are followed:

 _________________________________________________                                    _____________________________________________________
 Child's signature and date                                                           Parent's signature and date

(This agreement is a fluid document, to be discussed between parents and children
and altered as technology advances and as children mature, allowing for increased privileges.)
Sources: Based on information from
The Family Online Safety Institute, “Raising Digital Families for Dummies” by Amy Lupold Bair,,

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