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									                Syringes and Needles Market in India 2013
Aarkstore Enterprise (India), 26th June , 2013 :

The new report, ‘Syringes & Needles Market in India’, describes the market status of one of
the basic essentials of the healthcare sector.

The Indian market of syringes & needles is dominated by foreign players to a large extent
which gets channeled to end users by conventional methods as well as through online
portals in recent times. Import of syringes & needles is takes place largely from Singapore,
China, Spain, USA and UAE. On the other hand, India exports its production to countries
such as Brazil, Kenya, Nigeria and such others.

Increased need for insulin doses, rising demand for vaccines, bettering health infrastructure
coupled with growing incidences of diseases are some of the key factors amongst others
that is steering ahead the syringes & needles market in the country. However, India
remains the ground of illegal market for the same that hampers the market significantly.
This has led the Government of India to take action and come up with legislation of using
only AD syringes in order to get rid of the menace of dirty syringes.

The market is seeing innovations in terms of introduction of products such as - one time use
of syringes, painless needles and pre-filled syringes that is growing extensively in terms of
popularity. The players operating in the market are constantly striving in terms of re-
inventing products that help in their product profile expansion.

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