2011 In Review

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					2011 in Review

2011 in review was full of hectic activities and incidents. We, as human beings,
witnessed a variety of chaotic, miraculous, outstanding, hazardous, unusual and sub-
human more than super human phenomena around the whole year. Not to talk of politics,
economical scenarios and technology alone, 2011 review was replete with extra political,
judicial, disordered and unexpected wars, technological achievements but still hunger
was not defeated.

Terrorism- 2011 was both having both good news and a surprise in the sense that Osama
Bin Laden was murdered by American Forces and at the same time United States of
America declared to withdraw its forces from Afghanistan.
Population- In 2011, the population increased with an unexpected ratio according to the
reports they say it was 6,928,198,253 (July 2011 est)1 and the recorded top populous
countries were China, having more than 1,336.72, India, having more than 1,189.17 and
United States, having more than 313.23 (in millions).
Economy- The production process in 2011 was dramatically greater than before as Gross
World Product (GWP) grew 4.9% during the year which aroused about 20% that of 2009.
Politics- 2011 witnessed many political changes all around the world. Middle East
countries faced a huge set back and many long lasting dictators were thrown out by the
revolutionary forces particularly in Egypt and Lybia.
Science & technology- 2011 was milestone for technological achievements. 2011
technology review was conducted by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)2 in
which they have set a top 10 list of technological developments that may have a greater
impact on human lives.
Personalities- Among most dominant personalities in the world, we were deprived of an
idol of technology, Steve Jobs, in 2011. Besides, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee
of Liberia and Tawakel Karman3 of Yemen won Nobel price in this year for their
continuous and steady non-violent struggle for the safety of women’s rights.
Richest personalities- The top richest personalities of the world include Carlos Slim
Helú, a Mexican billionaire having net worth of $74 Billion, Bill gates, the owner of
Microsoft, having net worth of $56 Billion, Warren Buffet, having net worth of $39
Sports- Sports has been a source of obsession and excitement whole year. Whether it is
football, tenis, American football, badminton, hockey, cricket, wrestling or any other
sport, 2011 is perfect for a complete course of entertainment and recreation. Kabaddi, a
South-Asian game, has been taken into a worldwide platform. As far Football matches,
Champions trophy remains at the top.

Film Industry- Global film statistics provide a wide variety of categories that are
concerned in the growth of this industry. For instance featured films, tickets prices,
number of screens and digital screens, films production and several other factors which
may interfere while evaluating the growth of film industry, but the entire overview of this
industry can be covered in some main countries like America, Middle East and European
countries whose production has significantly increased in the current year.

On the whole, this year is unforgettable, enriched in exciting activities, chaos in politics,
revolutions in the Middle East, ousting of dictators, sports inclination and Hollywood

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