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					        South Carolina
Longitudinal Information Center
         for Education


       September 11, 2012
      Who is SLICE...
•   SC Department of Education

•   Partners

•   Public School Districts and Schools

•   State Agencies

•   Higher Education Institutions / CHE
     What is SLICE...
•   Data Warehouse

•   Infrastructure

•   Databases

•   Policies and Procedures

•   Tools

•   Information
    Where is SLICE ...
•   Grant – Statewide Longitudinal Data System

•   Project Objectives (10)

•   Migrate, Merge and Meld Databases

•   Design, Develop & Deploy Applications & Tools

•   Establish Partnerships

•   Adopt Data Governance Policies & Procedures
    When is SLICE ...
•   2012-13 – Grant final year

•   Fall 2012 – Test & Deploy Selected Applications

•   Dec 2012 – Public Portal

•   Spr 2013 – Beta Test Dashboards and Tools

•   Sum 2013 – Complete project / objectives

•   2013-14 – Implement SLICE / statewide rollout
     Why is SLICE ...
•   Data & information -- sharing

•   Actionable information for variety of users

•   More effective teaching & learning and support

•   Research

•   Research-supported educational policies &

•   More effective education system
     Statewide Longitudinal Data System
              Project Outcomes

•   OC1 Establish data governance structures (Fall 2012)
•   OC2 Incorporate P-20 data (under way)
•   OC3 Expand interfaces to the SLICE (under way)
•   OC4 Integrate educator data (DSE) (Fall 2012)
•   OC5 Implement data quality controls (completed)
•   OC6 Integrate student assessment data (under way)
•   OC7 Implement a unique program identification
    numbering system (under way)
•   OC8 Implement a statewide curriculum management
    system (CMS and Recommender System) (Winter
•   OC9 Implement a unique educator identifier (under
•   OC10 Provide accessible training for all stakeholder
      State Agency Partners
•   Office of Research and Statistics (ORS)
•   Department of Employment and Workforce
•   Department of Social Services
•   Office of First Steps
•   Department of Corrections
•   Division of State Information Technology (eCommerce)

• Other State Agencies
           K-12 / Higher Ed
            Data Linkages
• Create Data Gateway, with technical assistance of SC
  Office of Research and Statistics (ORS)

• Provide way to connect K-12 data to all ORS holdings –
  overcomes lack of common identifier

• Build direct links between K-12 and Higher Ed and
  between K-12 and Pre-K Programs

• Meet Federal Reporting Requirements – e.g., Fiscal
  Stabilization Fund (SFSF), EdFacts, ESEA Federal
  Accountability Reports

• High School Feedback Report
                 Role of Partner(s)

• Partnership (SCDE, ORS and CHE) to develop and maintain
  operational data gateway linking K-12 and Higher Ed for
  data transfer, data sharing

• CHE to coordinate participation of higher education

• CHE to contract with National Student Clearinghouse

• CHE to implement Business Intelligence tools – e.g.,

• CHE to expand e-Transcript to include Higher Ed to
      Role of Contractor(s) –

• UPD Consulting contracted to help SCDE
  complete SLDS grant objectives by June 2013

• Redesign of SLICE architecture and web portal

• Adoption of Dell Ed-Fi K-12 Education
  Dashboards (Michael and Susan Dell Foundation)

• ETL solutions to load PowerSchool data and all
  other identified data sources
        Role of Vendors(s) –

• VC3 – Develp and deploy Enrich Assess (re. local
  assessments) for school districts

• VC3 – Work with SCDE on ETL solution(s) to load
  local assessments data into SLICE

• Pearson – Enhancements to PowerSchool (student
  information system)

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