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  Julia Sorensen,         Laura Sibilia,
 Brattleboro Retreat   BDCC Project Director
  SeVEDS Board            SeVEDS Staff
FY 2013 Word Cloud
               FY 12 highlighted accomplishments:
• Established first Board of Directors
• Created Bylaws
• Created an Affiliation Agreement with BDCC to provide staffing for its mission.
• Created Additional Regional Task Forces: Workforce, Young Professionals,
  Communications, Innovation Indexing, Post VY and Development

• Created SeVEDS Strategies and Objectives for improving the Windham Region
• Operational and Fiscal Sustainability Plan for SeVEDS largely completed.
• Windham County Post-VY Economic Mitigation and Growth report completed by
  Post VY task force
       FY 13 highlighted accomplishments continued…
Program Development
• Drafted Sustainable So Vermont Marketing program for inclusion in the
  Windham/Bennington EDA Disaster Recovery Project
• Developed .6 Workforce Coordinator position

• Presented data and plans at more then 10 different public meetings/events
• Multiple meetings with officials from FEMA and United States Department of
  Commerce – Economic Development Agency
• Request for Windham Region to be declared Special Economic Development Zone
• Created and went live with a web site
• Created Facebook page for SeVEDS:
• Created successful Windham County Young Professionals Group and held three
  well attended events in Brattleboro, Stratton and Wilmington

Fundraising/Grant applications
• Received $75,000 planning grant from US Department of Commerce to develop a
  Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for Southeastern Vermont

Building off the SeVEDS Goals,
Objectives and Strategies Outline -
Six specific action items for FY 13
 • 1. Continue to expand and grow newly formed regional
                       task force efforts

 a)   Workforce
 b)   Windham Region Young Professionals
 c)   Communications
 d)   Innovation Indexing
 e)   Post VY
 f)   Development
2. Complete a Comprehensive Regional Economic Development
                Strategy (CEDS) for the region

   a) BDCC, on behalf of SeVEDS, applied for and recently received
      an EDA technical planning grant to develop a CEDS.

   b) Through an RFP process, we plan to have our CEDS Developer
      contracted by December 1, 2012

   c) EDA has given us until August 2014 (24 months) to complete our
      CEDS to be– we are planning to have it completed by June 2013

   d) SeVEDS data and research work as well as public input will both
      feed into this document. Because of the work SeVEDS has
      already done, the Windham Region is a little further ahead then
      many areas embarking on a CEDS.
         3. Add regional workforce development capacity

a) Broaden the scope of its conversations to include more employers and
   educational institutions

b) Active in Governor’s CCV/VTC joint Brattleboro campus proposal
   discussions and planning

c) Hire a .6 coordinator to:
    a) Work with employers to congregate their training needs
    b) Both network and provide a gap analysis of existing Windham
        Region workforce programs
    c) Work closely with Windham Region CEDS project and WWIB for
        long and short term planning
    d) Work to develop a professional retention and recruitment strategy
        and a Southern Vermont internship program
 4. Create a plan for consistently measuring regional growth and
                    identifying metrics to track

a) Significant development will occur during the CEDS process
b) Metrics should be tied to our goals
c) In the future: “Windham Region Innovation Index”

5. Continue to challenge the state to raise the priority level of a
statewide economic development plan
6. Develop an action plan to mitigate the effects of a VY closure

 Windham County Post--VY Economic Mitigation and Growth Report -
 March 2012 found that:

 “A closure of VY without adequate mitigation steps would have a
 devastating impact on the region surrounding the plant, with the brunt of
 the impact felt in Brattleboro, Vernon and the rest of Windham County.”

 Post VY called for the creation of a Special Economic Development
 Zone. Activities identified as being needed in this zone included:

 • Designated funds for marketing
 • Enhanced access to capital
 • Creation of a property redevelopment function, with access to very
   patient public capital.
             7. Public Outreach and Fundraising

 Public outreach plans -                     Fundraising
Being developed by the SeVEDS       In FY 13 we are undertaking a
Communications Task Force and       Municipal fundraising effort led
include both local and regional     by:
plans: How do we share                    Challenge grant from
information within the region and       Brattleboro Select board
how do we market ourselves to
future employees, employers
and visitors.                       We are developing a private
                                    fundraising effort for FY 14 that
                                    will begin to utilize information
                                    gathered during the CEDS

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