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   The Distance Education
    Centre, often shortened to
    the DE, is located in East
   This is on the NSW east
    coast and is one hour’s
    drive south of the
    Queensland border and
    two and a half hours drive
    north of Coffs Harbour.
  Southern Cross School K-12
   Distance Education Centre
How to contact us;

Telephone: 02 66869112
Facsimile: 02 66869285

Free Number:
1800 672 798

Chickiba Drive,
Ballina NSW 2478                           Education wherever you are…..
Southern Cross School K-12


 Mr John Baker
        WHO CAN I TALK TO?

Mr David Cox is the
Deputy Principal of the
Southern Cross Distance
Education Centre
(SXDEC) and is
responsible for the overall
running of the centre.
  Enrolments North/West Region

Mr John McVeigh is
Head Teacher of
Distance Education. He is
responsible for the
enrolment and support of
the full time DE students
in the Northern and
Western Areas.
Enrolments South/Central Region

Ms Kim Edwards is Head
Teacher Welfare
Distance Education. She is
responsible for the enrolment
and support of the full time
DE students in the Lismore
and Southern Area.
         Board of Studies / Single Course Enrolments

Mr Tom Llewellyn is a
Head Teacher of
Distance Education. He
is the Board of Studies
Administrator and can
answer any of your
pattern of study
questions and also any
questions involving the
Board of Studies.
You can always talk to
your teachers if you
are having problems
with your schoolwork.
If they are not
available at the time
you call, they can ring
you back when they
are available.
The Office Staff
can answer many
questions, connect
you with your
teachers or leave
messages for your

Your Year Advisor is here to help you.
If you are having problems or
concerns, your Year Advisor is
another person you can contact at
 Year 7 Advisor

Mr Brian Mitchell
     Year 8Advisor

•   Mrs Nancy McAndrew
    North/West region

•   Mrs Hedda Whitfield
    South/Central region
     Year 9 Advisors

   Mr Fraser Munro
    North/West region

   Mrs Jean Pike
    South/Central region
Year 10 Advisors

Mrs Amanda Pratt North/West region

Mrs Maria Kersaitis South/Central
Year 11 Advisors

• Ms Alison Bryant
  North/West region

• Mr Gerry Coffey
  South/Central region
Year12 Advisor

•   Mrs Diane Lewis
    North/West region

•   Mrs Michelle Dowling
    Central / South region
Mrs Margaret
Thurgate is the
Mr Geoff Smeal
manages Special
Provisions for HSC
Mr Ross Glover is
responsible for the
coordination of all the
computers used by
Southern Cross
Distance Education
students. Please call
him if you have any
questions or problems.
             School Library

Students have access
to the Southern Cross
School library.

                        Mr Colin Ross – the Librarian
Ms Donna Ryan is
the Careers Advisor
who can advise you
on post school
options, university
and TAFE entrance
and much more.
         Transition Advisors
Mrs Diane Lewis
North/West region

Mr Gerry Coffey
South/ Central region

The mailman delivers
your work to the
Distance Education
The mail is marked
in on your
electronic record
card and each title
page is given a
date by which it is
to be returned to
Your work is
placed in
your teacher’s
Teachers correcting work,
preparing work and a phone
lesson in progess
When the
work has been
marked, it is
placed in your
tub ready for
The work is now recorded as being
marked and is posted back to you.
        What to expect when your work
• Your first package will have approximately 6 weeks of work
for each subject.
•Each subject will have work broken into weekly sections –
these are called title pages.
•Each subject has a different coloured title page.
                    Title pages are to be
   A Title page….   done in the numbered

  Your teacher
  will set your
  week’s work                               Write your
  here                                      comments here..
                                            Was the work too
                                            easy? Did it take
                                            you one or ten hours
                                            to complete? Has
                                            something happened
Your                                        that you think your
supervisor                                  teacher might like to
must sign                                   know about?
here and date
your work
before                                      When your work is
posting                                     returned, your
                                            teacher will have
                                            made written
                                            comments and
                                            corrections. Don’t
                                            forget to check over
                                            your work
              Visits by Teachers
 Teachers visit many of our
  full time students during
  the year.
 This is an opportunity for
  you to meet with some of
  your teachers. They will
  assist you in completing
  some aspect of your work
  and discuss any problems
  you are experiencing.
 They travel in the SXDE
  four wheel drive.
 You will be contacted
  prior to any visit so that a
  suitable time can be
             Mini Schools
 At various times the DE may run a mini
 This is where a number of students travel to
  a regional centre or to the Distance
  Education Centre for one or two days to
  work on special school projects and mix
  with other DE students.
Getting organised……
•Fill in a timetable so that you do some work in
each subject each day.
•Sort your title pages in subject areas (placing
title page number 1 at the top of the pile). It may
be a good idea to file all the title pages of each
subject in separate folders.
•To start your work take title page 1 for each
subject area – this will be your first week’s
work which must be completed and posted at
the end of the week.
•If possible you should send a completed title
page for every subject each week.
•If you have any questions or problems with
your work, contact your teacher .
Planning your time……
Having a routine that works for you will ensure your
At school you would spend approximately 5 / 6 hours per
day. This includes lesson time and breaks. You will need to
spend the same amount of time on your DE studies. How
will you arrange your day?

When you are planning your time remember to include
homework / revision time.

 Build in some rewards for your efforts eg. watch your
 favourite TV show, a good book, a game, snack break
Here is a blank time table that you may like to use. You
  may want to turn it into a poster to have near your
             Monday   Tuesday   Wednesday   Thursday   Friday   Saturday   Sunday
    9 am

    10 am

    11 am

    12 pm

    1 pm

    2 pm

    3 pm

    If you think you would have trouble working to the previous
  timetable, here is a different example of a timetable for a junior
  student. You may find it easier to stick to this style of timetable.

Day               Session A             Session B      Session C
                  9.00 am               11.00 am       2.00 pm
Monday            Maths                 Geography      Visual Arts

Tuesday           English               History        Music

Wednesday         Science               PDHPE          Careers

Thursday          Maths                 English        Science

Friday            Geography / History   Music /        Pack up title page
                                        Vis Arts       and post off
          In summary……
 Organise your work and your time
 Try to complete and return to the DE one
  title page each week in each subject that
  you are studying.
 Talk to someone if you are having
 We wish you every success in your studies.

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