Obama’s Police State: A List Of Obama’s 55 Worst Assaults On Civil Liberties by smonebkyn


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									Obama’s Police State: A List Of Obama’s
55 Worst Assaults On Civil Liberties
By libertycrier.com
June 25, 2013

55 examples of Obama’s war on our liberties,
freedoms and American way of life. I’m sure
you’ve heard of a number of these – but some
of the stuff on here will surprise (and frighten)
you. Everything on this list is federally
related, has been verified and is cited;
questionable stuff – like the police force in
Hardin, Montana – has been left out.
    1. Drone strikes and assassination of
       American citizens abroad (Salon – Why
       does Obama get a Pass on Civil Liberties
       – 2012 & Guardian – Drones are Coming
       – 2013)
    2. The promise that we have at least 10,000
       drones spying on us to look forward to (Infowars – FAA Predicts 10,000 Drones 2013 & End
       Times Prophecy – 30,000 Drones Over America 2013)
    3. Homeland Security’s introduction and installation of street lights featuring surveillance cameras
       and loudspeakers (Natural News -Homeland Security streetlights include surveillance cameras
    4. TSA Groping: “Big Brother not only watches us in the nude, he can routinely molest us at will”
       (Kuhner: Obama’s Police State 2010)
    5. Turning Homeland Security into Obama’s personal SS (Conservative Action Alerts – Congress
       Must Defund Obama’s Growing Police State 2013)
    6. TSA and DHA rolling through your neighborhood with long-distance X-ray equipped vans to
       inspect your car and your person (Natural News – TSA, DHS plan massive rollout of mobile
       surveillance vans with long-distance X-ray capability, eye movement tracking and more & DHS
       via Epic.org – Bodyscans 2011)
    7. Homeland Security sending thousands of heavily armored vehicles to cities and towns around
       the country (Modern Survival – Latest Homeland Security Armored Vehicle 2012)
    8. Signing an Executive Order giving the Federal government the right to “commandeer” all
       domestic US resources, including food and water supplies, energy production and
       transportation, even in time of peace, with no Congressional oversight (Global Research –
       Police State America 2012)
    9. Federal push for states to pass law allowing Federal officers to arrest local law enforcement for
       failing to comply with federal law (Modern Survival – Federal Framework Being Set Up To
       Arrest Sheriffs 2013)
    10.Feds providing full urban combat gear to local police and funding the expansion of SWAT
       teams around the nation – “Policemen now kick in doors in the middle of the night dressed in
       black face masks and body armor head to toe. The uniforms are just that, uniform around the
   nation. The equipment and the tactics designed for an urban battlefield are being ‘uniformly’
   spread to police departments and sheriff’s offices throughout the nation, and being funded with
   primarily federal funds. ” (Teaparty.org – Obama to Make America a Police State – 2013)
11.Non-responsiveness to FOIA requests and lying about their transparency statistics (The Atlantic
   Wire – FOIA Advocates Skeptical about Obama’s Claims 2012)
12.NSA’s creation of the “Perfect Citizen” program to install spying equipment on the computer
   servers of private companies. (Popsci – NSA Launching “Perfect Citizen” 2010 & WSJ – US
   Plans CyberShield 2010)
13.FBI Spying on Google Users (PrisonPlanet – FBI ‘secretly spying’ on Google Users 2013)
14.“Huge increase”…”exponentially increase” in the warrentless spying of Americans’ phone,
   email and internet communications (Reason- Warrentless spying skyrockets under Obama 2012)
15.13,753 Gov’t Requests for Google E-Mail Data in 2012, Most Without a Warrant (CNS News
16.Spy agencies’ access to all Americans’ financial records (ActivistPost – Obama Says You Have
   No Right to Banking 2013 & RT – US Spy Plan 2013)
17.Increased IRS audits (Fox – Why are IRS audits on Charities Up by 79%? 2013)
18.Government cooperation with private data-mining firms (RepublicReport – CISPA NSA
   Lobbying 2012)
19.“Aggressive” crackdown on government whistle blowers (Atlantic Wire – Obama’s War on
   Whistle Blowers 2011)
20.IRS audits on Obama’s enemies (Heritage – IRS Labor Dept Audit Businessmen on Obama’s
   Enemies List 2012)
21.Obamacare collecting patient data (House.gov-Huelskamp: Obama’s Gun Proposal Threatens
   Patient Privacy 2013)
22.Drafting secret memos hidden from the courts (Emptywheel – How Good are DOJ’s Reasons
   for Burying its Case? 2012)
23.Giving the military the right to arrest citizens in the United States; “Upending” the Posse
   Comitatus Act – “Continued indefinite detentions at Gitmo, but also brought the policy ashore
   by signing the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012, which authorizes the military to
   arrest and indefinitely detain anyone suspected of assisting terrorists, even citizens” (Salon –
   Obama’s Dismal Civil Liberties Record 2012)
24.Law enforcement crackdown on protestors (Alternet – 5 Freedom killing tactics police will use
   to crack down on protests 2012)
25.NSA building the Country’s biggest telecommunication interception center (Wired – NSA
   datacenter 2012)
26.Ramping up the failed war on drugs & busting medical marijuana distributors despite state laws
   (Daily Caller – Speak No Evil 2010)
27.Forcing Americans to buy insurance or pay a fine (Kathleen Parker: Obamacare & Civil Rights
   – Don’t Confuse the Two 2012 )
28.Imposing books of new regulation – over 10,000 in his first three years, costing the public over
   $32 Billion, possibly up to $467 billion (Weekly Standard – Cost of Obama’s Regulatory
   Explosion 2013 & Weekly Standard – Obama’s Regulatory Rampage – 2013); Imposing an
   average of 63 new regulations per day (Real Clear Policy – Obama’s Regulations are Strangling
   America 2013)
29.Blocking free market industrial activity, such as his oil drilling moratorium and his blocking the
   Keystone pipeline (Weekly Standard – Obama’s Regulatory Rampage – 2013)
30.Defining the entire world as a battleground in the war on terror – effectively suspending habeus
   corpus (World Socialist Web Site – Obama signs police state legislation 2012)
31.Approving of intimidation of voters by the Black Panther Party …in both election cycles
   (Freepers – Obama’s Black Panthers 2012 & Washington Times – Team Obama turn a blind eye
   to voter intimidation 2010)
32.Closing the White House to the media on a civil rights award ceremony and attacking media
   outlets in general (Reason- Obama transparently disappointing 2012)
33.Attempting to ban Fox News from the White House press pool and attacking and censoring
   political dissidents (Director Blue – Obama’s Admin tries to ban Fox 2009 & Whitehouse.gov –
   Working to Counter Online Radicalization)
34.Covering up Fast & Furious, refusing to release documents to Congress, citing executive
   privilege (Boston Globe – Challenge to Atty Gen Eric Holder 2012)
35.Withholding documents relating to the bailouts and the financial collapse (Reason- Obama
   transparently disappointing 2012)
36.Obama’s push for gun control (Fox – Obama Moves to Shame Congress into Approving Gun
   Control Package 2013)
37.Obama’s unprecedented push for welfare dependency (Human Events – Obama Opts for
   Dependency 2012 & Examiner – Obama my be intentionally destroying our economy – 2012
   & Forbes – 165 M Americans are Dependents; is Tyranny Next? )
38.Homeland Security providing local police with surveillance equipment (Infowars – Homeland
   Security Uses Local Police to set up surveillance buffer zones 2012)
39.Homeland Security buying up (as of 3/11/13) 1.6 billion bullets – 20x more than the amount of
   bullets expended in the Iraq war – and refusing to answer why they are doing so (Forbes -1.6
   Billion Rounds Of Ammo For Homeland Security? It’s Time For A National Conversation 2013
   ) (Modern Survival Blog – DHS Bullets 2013)
40.Signing an Executive Order giving the Federal government the right to “mobilize” domestic US
   labor for “national defense,” in time of peace, with no Congressional oversight (Global
   Research – Police State America 2012 & Executive Order- NDRP 2012)
41.flag@whitehouse.gov (Examiner 2009)
42.Federal targeting of “Domestic terrorists” aka local right wing dissident organizations (Modern
   Survival – You Might Be A Domestic Terrorist 2013)
43.Appointing czars and granting them enforcement powers with no Congressional oversight;
   recess appointments (Free Republic – Obama’s Czars)
44.De-facto nationalization of the health care industry, the financial sector, the insurance industry,
   student loans and major automakers. (Kuhner: Obama’s Police State 2010)
45.Referring to critics as “enemies” who “must be punished” (Kuhner: Obama’s Police State 2010)
46.NATO promising to fire missiles at “hackers,” even “vigilante” hackers who attack enemies of
   the state such as North Korea (The Verge – Killing Hackers is justified 2013)
47.Obama signing up for the UN treaty that is in clear conflict with our Bill of Rights (Washington
   Times- Second Amendment crumbling 2013)
48.Obama’s campaign “spying on Americans” – with 150 techies “who do nothing but “peel back
   the layers” of the lives of citizens.” (Examiner – New information confirms extensive Obama
   spying on Americans 2012)
49.Requiring spy agencies to keep information that normally would have been discarded if no
   terrorist links were found (Infowars – Obama Installs New Guidelines to Aid Spying on
   Americans 2012)
50.Obama demanding that Internet Service Providers open their records of private citizens’
   connections and internet histories (Dissident Voice – Obama Demands Access to Internet
   Records 2010 & DSL Reports – WH Pushes for Warrentless access to ISP Records 2010)
51.Supporting and signing an expanded and extended PATRIOT Act – that was so disparaged
   under President Bush. (Fox News – Obama Signs Last-Minute PATRIOT Act extension 2011)
52.The Feds and your child’s lunchbox (Breitbart – Obama School Lunch Standards 2012)
                                                                 53.TSA VIPR teams
                                                                    conducting searches
                                                                    wherever they want
                                                                    (Mother Jones – Surprise,
                                                                    TSA is searching your car,
                                                                 54.Obama’s push for a
                                                                    national Internet ID card
                                                                    (CBS – Obama Eyeing
                                                                    Internet ID card for
                                                                    Americans 2011)
                                                                 55.Power grabs by federal
                                                                    agencies, such as the
                                                                    EPA’s uncontestable
                                                                    “Compliance orders,” the
                                                                    FDA’s spy campaign
                                                                    against milk producers
                                                                    and the NLRB acting as a
                                                                    shill for unions (Cato –
                                                                    EPA Actions should be
                                                                    subject to judicial review
                                                                    2012 & NaturalNews –
      FDA wages secret war on milk farmers & USNews – Obama’s Renegade NLRB 2012)

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