Radically Reforming the Field of Ufology by paulbudds


									Radically Reforming the field of Ufology

The field of Ufology is a mess. This small paper is about how Ufology can
become not only more academic and professional… but also how (by doing so)
it can actually make real progress.

Ufology needs to largely reject the nuts n bolts extraterrestrial hypothesis
(ETH). There’s more than one reason why this change needs to be made. One
of those reasons is that 21st century humans are going to go beyond their
biology and will merge with technology. Hence the biological ETH is extremely
naïve. Another reason is that ETH is a cultural projection. Note that it emerged
in the late 1940s. In the late 40’s we started to dream about space. There was
a space race that culminated in man landing on the moon. The ETH was born
and lived within that cultural context. Thus it appears to be a mirroring cultural
projection. Another aspect of the ETH that I am deeply suspicious of is the
point that if it is the correct hypothesis then it means that ET’s collude with
people inside powerful human institutions. Surely it is more likely that
advanced ET’s would treat humans as ‘one’. So I reject the ETH but I do not
reject Ufology.

‘Something is seen’ and in a small percentage of cases what is seen is clearly
not mundane. The biological and cultural projections of the ETH are
unfortunately reinforced by the best sightings. And then we get into the cover-
up territory.1 I do accept that much of the U.S. Air-force, and much of the U.S.
establishment is interested in this phenomenon and that this interest is
underestimated by the general public. I accept that there is a lot of hearsay.
The Ufology researcher, Richard Dolan, uses the “document trail” and “military
memo’s” as evidence for the reality of the phenomenon.2 However, I regard
the area of documents as another area of Ufology that needs correcting. The
field accepts and promotes material that is disputed. An excellent example of

this is the ‘Majestic 12’ documents. (also known as MJ-12). These documents
would be rejected outright by Wikileaks due to being unverifiable. The
Ufologists Jamie Shandera and Timothy Good have received MJ-12 documents
from anonymous senders and the majority of subsequent MJ-12 documents
have emerged under equally suspicious circumstances. What Ufology needs to
do here is to take a leaf out of Wikileaks book. Wikileaks needs to be able to
verify the source. Submissions are vetted by reviewers. Wikileaks do not reveal
their source because that would get him or her into trouble. There is a
confidentiality guarantee. This confidentiality encourages more leakers to leak.
Furthermore Wikileaks investigates the background of the leaker, checking and
double checking so to be sure of their legitimacy.3 Concerning documents, this
is the way that the field of Ufology needs to operate.

The whole field of Ufology needs academic and professional reform. It needs
an academic journal with articles subjected to peer review. The disclosure
project needs re-naming due to the fact that disclosure will not happen. This
project has at least demonstrated that the field can attract smart people. It’s
important to point this out. Throughout this small paper I am highlighting the
negative aspects of the field. But when I say that the field is increasingly
attracting smart people that is both a positive development and a fact. (See
reference 4) However, even here I can see a need for vetting.

Even if I am wrong and the ETH is the true answer then I still maintain the
following… pressure for disclosure is pointless because if the ETH is true then it
is above top secret. If there are secret keepers then no matter what the secret
is… they are seemingly never going to reveal it. If X won’t reveal its secrets
then Y needs to understand the phenomenon (Z) as best as it can do so. As we
have seen, I think that disclosure is loaded with assumptions… cultural,
biological, colluding ET’s, assumptions about the establishment. Of course if
the ETH conspiracy was the right answer then this would mean that super-
smart ET’s were part of the cover-up and they may be the one’s demanding
the cover-up. What we need to do is to create a field that does its own work as
opposed to expecting answers to be handed to it on a plate.


The reforms that I have articulated are important. People like me who
advocate such change are not the genius’ that provide the answers to the
mysterious puzzle. However we set out a field that the genius would be happy
to participate in. Genius’ will obsess (as Einstein and Newton did) until they
find answers. Einstein’s and Newton’s will reject a field that is based on belief
and conspiracy such as today’s UFO field that lazily assumes the nuts n bolts
Extraterrestrial hypothesis. However, if we move to an open, academic,
professional field that I have outlined here then there is every reason for them
to participate in it, and no reason for them not to participate in it.


1. UFO buffs and researchers often contradict themselves here. They say that
the amazing craft that we see in the skies cannot possibly be ours. Yet on the
other hand they say that we reverse engineer alien craft. So why isn’t it ours?
The ETH crowd need to sort out their inconsistency here. However, that’s their

2. See this lengthy Dolan’s video:

3. Kushner, 2010

4. The 2013 Citizen Hearing on disclosure demonstrates this trend:

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