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                                              Issue Number 187
     August & September issue:                                          July 2013
     Thursday 18th July 2013                  email:

Clanfield Clean-up Day - Saturday 8th June
Eighteen parishioners plus two sons mustered on the green on a day when the day's
weather suggested all sorts of other activities rather than wade in the brook, an
overgrown pond or dig around in gutters and hedgerows for litter. We tackled four
distinct tasks - clear the brook in accordance with EA guidelines, pick up litter to the
parish limits as well as locally, clear the pond at the southern end of the village and
clean up the reflector posts on the Black Bourton bends. Halfway through the
morning, the group adjourned to The Plough where Martin and his staff very kindly
provided bacon butties and coffee. Giles Haughton, who'd been in the pond, had to
shower first before taking his coffee.
By 1pm there was a pile of black bin liners on the green opposite the Tavern, the
brook was flowing well as far as the Institute (it wasn't bad beyond that but the
Parish Council will see that the remainder to Friars Court is done), the pond looked
so much better as, indeed do the reflector posts. The general conclusion from those
who have been before was that the village is getting and looking better and better so
thank you all for your efforts - which were also recognised through an email off the
website from "philjancats":
"Good to see an Egret in the brook the day after the annual brook clean up. Must be
plenty of sticklebacks for him to feast on! I have a good photo of him in the willow
trees. Thank you!"
                                                                 Cllr Chris Scotcher

Fuelling your community
home heating oil
fuels for agriculture and industry                           Brize Norton
monthly payments scheme
                                                             01993 851122
Welcome to our new Parish Councillors - At its meeting on 17 June, the Parish
Council co-opted the following local residents to serve as Parish Councillors:
      Councillor Anne Newson        01367 810766         Please add these names and telephone
      Councillor Giles Haughton     01367 810637         numbers to your Emergency Plan
      Councillor Iain Bilson        01367 810212         Householders’ Guide

Anne, Ian and Giles are already active members of our community and we are
delighted to welcome them.
Resignation of David Gaulton - Parish Councillor - The Parish Council would like
to extend its thanks to David Gaulton who has served as a Parish Councillor for the
past few years.      David’s work commitments and a change in his personal
circumstances mean that he will be unable to continue and so we are seeking to co-
opt a replacement for him.
Please consider whether you could contribute to the village by expressing an interest
to the Parish Clerk. Thank you.
Speeding in the village - The Parish Council is very concerned about speeding in
the village; a situation that will inevitably get worse as through- traffic is increasing
significantly. As you will have seen, the work on Bampton Road is now complete with
new signage, a Vehicle Activated Sign and a build out. The Council will now pursue
the possibilities of a build out or similar physical measure on the Faringdon Road/
Main Street entrance.
In the meantime we will work with the Police to get more speed checks active in the
Flooding/Clanfield Brook - The Council continues to pressure all responsible
landowners for clearance and maintenance of waterways essential to the clearance of
excessive water away from the village ie brooks and associated ditches.
We are planning to establish a detailed catalogue of all bridges on the Clanfield Brook
within the parish area to progress a case for improvements.
Flood Insurance: We would be pleased to hear of your experiences in seeking flood
insurance for your property. This information is helpful to us in lobbying for better
Parking on open spaces in the village - Following complaints from residents’
concerning parking on the Village Greens, grass verges, around the War Memorial
and on the withy beds, the Council has reviewed and replaced some of its public
prohibition notices in the village and has installed physical barriers to stop parking on
the grass around the War memorial.
New Path along the causeway on Main Street - We have received a number of
complaints about the new shingle pathway along Main Street. I am delighted to report

that Mr. Ian Pearson of Holly Tree House has offered to do the job for us, at his own
expense over the summer months. We are most grateful to Mr. Pearson for his
generosity and community spirit.
STOP CARTERTON WEST (West Oxfordshire Local Planning Framework)
The Draft Local Plan, approved by the District Council Cabinet on 13 March, has now
been delayed pending a strategic housing assessment to be carried out by the District
You will be aware that through the efforts of the Stop Carterton West campaign, and
your support, the draft plan does not propose the building of an estate of 1000 houses
at Carterton West. However – we must remain vigilant and take action if necessary.
Remembrance Sunday - The Parish Council has agreed to take on responsibility for
this important event in the village’s calendar. Councillor Giles Haughton is taking the
lead on this and would be pleased to hear from you if you are willing to offer support
in any way.
Planning Matters - An application for change of use of the land and barns at
Windmill farm has been granted. This will enable Adventure Plus to provide outward
bound activities there.
                                                                       Lynda Scott
                                                                      Parish Clerk
                                    01367 810606 or at

                   Fun on the Recreation Ground….
 Cottsway will be bringing the mobile climbing wall to the Recreation Ground on
           Tuesday 6th August between 2 and 5pm.All are welcome!

                         Clanfield Festival Committee

                   PRODUCE SHOW
                            on Saturday 7 September
                      at The Old Tincknells Buildings
                           (Oxford German Cars)
              Class Schedule will be distributed in early August

                         PATRICK STRAINGE
                             QUALITY MEAT
                         FROM OUR FAMILY FARMS
    National Finalist Sausage              Voted Best Sausages in South Of
         Championships                     England as seen on National TV

                   Bridge Street, Bampton, Oxon, OX18 2HA
                               Tel 01993 850350

                                 Clanfield’s new website
Thank you to those of you who have sent me your comments and suggestions about how our
website can be developed – they are most welcome.
If you have not visited the website yet, please do and let us know what you think.
Please put our website address in your top browser address bar . You will also find it by
Googling - Clanfield Parish Council Oxfordshire.
The Parish Council commissioned the new website for the village which will be developed in
stages over the next 12 months.
Its purpose is to
   • To improve communication and encourage your involvement in parish matters
   • To promote the village and encourage new businesses
   • To keep you up to date and well informed about what the Parish Council is doing and
      what is happening in Clanfield.
Note that The Parish Council receives flood alerts and notices from the Police and other
agencies several times per month which will appear on the website from now on.
We are thinking about an Events/ What’s on page for local clubs and societies, so if you are
planning any events/festivals etc, over the summer, let us know and we will promote your
event - the web site allows for the use of images, music and video to support this.
We are also considering advertising pages to enable local businesses to promote their
businesses and local employment opportunities and for residents to advertise cars and property
for sale or rent.
If you believe a local web based “Advertiser” would be of value please let us know.
                                                      Lynda Scott, Parish Clerk, 01367 810606

                                   APPLIANCE REPAIRS & SERVICE
             A PHONE CALL
                 AWAY              ELECTRICAL/PLUMBING WORKS
                                   CLANFIELD                   01367 810512
                                   MOBILE                      07711 427497

For the last 17 years I have been a teacher at Clanfield School but at the end of this
term I will be leaving to take up a new and exciting challenge. Twenty five years ago
my husband Chris and I spent four amazing years in Zimbabwe with Voluntary
Service Overseas. We have applied again and in August I will be going out to take up
a placement working for an organisation called Sisters for Sisters in Nepal. My job title
is primary teacher trainer with gender expertise! I will be working at the district
education office in Dhading, central Nepal, where I will train teachers in 12 primary
schools in girl friendly education methods with the overall aim of increasing the
number of girls who go to school. I will be leaving on 7th August and will spend 6
weeks learning to speak Nepali. Each volunteer is asked to raise £1,500 and I am
asking if you would be willing to donate towards my target.
Supporting VSO gives you the chance to make a bigger difference. Money and food
all help, but they don’t last forever. We create enduring change by bringing people
together to share knowledge, coordinating their efforts to maximise impact. With VSO,
every pound you give brings people together to spark a chain reaction. You’ll help
make life better not just for an individual or a family, but for a community or even a
Please give generously by visiting my page at
Thank you for your support.
                                                                        Mandy Warwick

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Grave News
Many years ago, when I was still a schoolgirl living in Holyhead, my way to school lay
through the churchyard of old St.Cybi's Church. I could not fail to notice the inscription
on one grave which ran:
                            Remember man as you pass by
                             As you are now so once was I
                              As I am now so shall you be
                              And so prepare to follow me
Since that time I have seen variations of this on several old headstones in the
Cotswolds and elsewhere.
The stone used for headstones in the greater part of North Wale's churchyards is the
durable blue slate from the Llanberis quarries and today the wording on them is as
clear as the day on which they were carved. Alas for St Cybi's graveyard, a few years
ago the vicar of the time decided to have all the headstones laid flat, including the one
to my great grandfather on which was inscribed:
                        In memory of HENRY EVANS, (PILOT)
                                and his many children
                        who died during an epidemic of typhoid
Two of his children survived and one was a girl called Catherine who became my
grandmother. By laying headstones flat they will inevitably over time sink and
disappear. Fortunately I took photographs.
In Clanfield churchyard we have a very early and rare headstone. Many years ago
Mrs Helen Groves and I discovered it during the time that a group of volunteers
undertook to record, photograph and draw each and every remaining headstone. This
rare headstone barely rises about ground level and at first glance seems to have no
inscription on it, but we did manage to decipher an "M" and a "Y" and over the next
few weeks by studying it in all lights we arrived at the full inscription which read:
             Here lyeth buried the bodie of Inigo Yeatman deceased …..
To our disappointment the date was unreadable. But I wrote to the author, Hilary
Lees, of English Churchyard Memorials and she and another expert on graveyard
memorials thought it would be around 1590-16OO. Before that date most village
people could not afford more than a simple wooden cross and over time these
perished. Inigo's has survived because it was stone and he was able to afford to get
someone to carve it. It lies alongside the pathway on the south side of St. Stephen's
There are two other very old headstones now inside the church to save them from
weathering. One is to the memory of a "JOHN PAULING" who died in 1660. The other
is a fragment of a carving of an angel head with a pair of wings, obviously someone
wealthy enough to afford an angel's head! Maybe a member of the Stephen's family
who like the Yeatmans lived in Clanfield for over 400 years.            Dorothy Wise
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Clanfield and Bampton Historical Society
There was a very enjoyable and informative 'bonus' to our season when David
Palfreyman, one of our newest members and bursar of New College gave those of
members who could make it a tour of the college, with a lot of fascinating,
sometimes irreverent, insights, while the college's senior archivist arranged a
number of rarely-seen documents for us to examine. It ended with us attending
Evensong in the chapel, which included the chance to hear the college's magnificent
choir. What a treat it all was!

Clanfield Football Club
Looking at the Hellenic League bulletin I see that Clanfield football club have
appointed their new managing team for the season with Pete Osborne as manager,
Martin Staddon as Assistant Manager, Pete Bridgewater as coach, Trevor Cuss as
Physio, Jamie Butt as player/coach and Martin Bonner as goalkeeping coach.
Many of these have a long association with the club. Martin Staddon made his debut
for the club against Headington Amateurs in the mid 1970's as a 15 year old, while
Pete Bridgewater who played for the club in the late 1970's and managed the club
for several years, being at the helm when they won the Division 1 Cup in 1985/86.
The Osborne family have been the backbone of the club for a lengthy period of time
with Pete's father John being active as a player, chairman and secretary throughout
the club's Hellenic League career and with Peter inheriting his father's love for the
club. John's wife Monica is also an active member of the club.
Trevor is also a long standing and hard working member of the club who prior to that
was a stalwart of Kidlington football club.
                                                                     Malcolm Clarke

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                Simms Property              Festival
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The Rotary Club of Faringdon & District
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Mike Barrett, newly elected President said:
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school or even do overseas work. Rotary really is an organisation that can open
“We are looking for future generations of Rotarians who can bring with them a range
of personal and professional resources and skills that will strengthen the club’s ability
to successfully serve their local community and the world.”
Faringdon Rotary club is looking for men and women of all ages from all professions
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                                                                               Mike Bell
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bulletin to learn more about our native wild plants via the 'Wild About Plants' project
website - The May e-bulletin is out now and the August
issue being written as we speak! The Wild About Plants team deliver Plantlife’s
outreach programme and work to help people reconnect with the outdoors and their
local greenspaces. Working with schools, families and communities from all walks of
life and with fantastic free downloadable resources, the team hope to engage people
with the nature on their doorstep. In recent years subscribers have been asked to
record the plant life in their local area and recount what they used to see/pick and
forage for.
Plantlife have just launched “Flowers on the Edge” their annual road-verges
campaign. They are asking communities to record how their road verges are looking
this summer by taking photos and sending in stories.
The Wild About Plants team Wild About Plants is funded by Natural England through
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                        WHAT?’s On in Clanfield
     Clanfield Pre-school                     Tower Captain: Ian Kenworthy 01367
For children in the age range 2-5 years       810577 or Deputy: Catherine Bernard
in the Foundation Building on the school      01367 810587
site. Open every Monday to Friday from             Snooker Club
8.45am – 2.45pm during term-time. Call
                                              7:30pm – 10 pm every Tuesday,
Jane Brown on 01367 810365 for further
                                              Thursday & Friday evening, upstairs in
                                              the Carter Institute. Contact Barrie
     Women’s Institute                        Rawlinson on 01367 810265
Meetings are held every second                Email
Tuesday in the month at 7.30 p.m. in the          Monday Drop-in Lunches
Carter Institute. Notices giving details of
                                              Drop in at the Carter Institute every
the meeting will be on display in the Post
                                              Monday 12.00pm - 1.30pm (excluding
Office and village notice boards. All
                                              Bank Holidays) and you can be assured
welcome. Contact Raena Farley
                                              of a warm welcome! Homemade soup
Brookside Main St, Clanfield 01367
                                              and a roll, coffee/tea and biscuits.
                                              Contact John Greatrex - 810609
     Mobile Library Service
                                                  Parish Council
The Mobile Library will visit Clanfield       Lynda Scott (Clerk to the Council)
every other Thursdays; by the Church          1 Farmers Court
from 1:00pm to 1:15pm then Queens             Clanfield
Crescent 2:20pm to 2:35pm
                                              01367 810606 or 07789 653 308
     Historical Society
Monthly meetings between October and
May in either Clanfield or Bampton.              WHAT? To Trade
Details from Alan Smith on 01367
810245                                         Advertise for FREE anything you’d like
                                                to sell or give away - from children’s
     Carter Institute                             clothes & toys to books & DVDs;
For bookings contact Mrs.            Kate        furniture to surplus garden plants.
O’Donnell on 01367 810440
     Art Classes                                        MALC NEWMAN
Tuesdays at the Carter Institute. Further      FITTER OF BLINDS, CURTAINS POLES,
details contact Maggy Fitzpatrick on                      TRACKS ETC
810553                                          VERTICAL ROLLER AND VENETIAN
                                                  BLINDS SUPPLIED ON REQUEST
     Bell Ringing                                       TEL: 01367 810558
Practice night each Wednesday from                      MOB: 07984 602093
7.30 - 9.00 pm at St. Stephen's Church.             E-MAIL
New ringers always welcome. Contact                OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE
                                                 (ALSO ODD JOBS UNDERTAKEN )

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                                            Clanfield OX18 2PB Tel: 01367 810452
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Call for a free estimate                          name and telephone number)
Telephone: 01367 810464                                    Treasurer:
  Mobile: 07790 501181                                   Jan Smith,
                                                12 High House Close, Clanfield
                                                      For general queries
                                                        please contact:
     Nick Rowland                               Liz Gaertner
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