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If you're a single female or mother that lives alone and you don't feel like you can defend yourself
physically, the topic of home security may be a large issue for you. Rather than living in fear, you
can take simple measures in order to improve your security. Read all of these home security tips.

Do you allow your dog to stay in your yard while you are away? This pet may be an excellent
storing spot for your spare key. Fasten the key to your dog's collar to hide it from view. This is a
good way to ensure easy home access, especially if your pet does not associate well with

Always change the locks after moving into a new home. You don't know who might have a key.
Call a locksmith as soon as you can for maximum security. Also, if you lose your keys, change the

Hide your spare key in a place where no one would think to look for it. The doormat is too obvious
of a place to hide it, as robbers will look there first. You should hide it in your dog's collar.

Ask friend for any advice they have prior to purchasing a security system or service. Other people
are sure to have opinions and experiences to share. Ask around so you'll have as much advice as
you need in order to make a sound decision.

Don't put your spare keys under floor mats or plants. While you may feel that you are keeping
yourself safe by allowing a way in for yourself, you are also allowing everyone else to visit
whenever they want. Thieves are tricky, diabolical, and familiar with any and every hiding place.
Rather, give your key to a neighbor you find trustworthy.

The walls are a perfect hiding place. Small items of value can be hidden for safety in your home's
walls. You could use a phone jack, electrical outlet or a switch plate. If you use all of them, you
can always have fake ones installed.

Walls are great for hiding items. If you own smaller things that need protection, think about
keeping them hidden in the walls. Repurpose phone jacks and electrical outlets as tiny wall safes.
Installing a false unused plate is very easy to do if your home doesn't have one.

When choosing between security companies, read everything on the contract. There may be
some hidden fees, or a need to buy more equipment later. You want to try to avoid these fees
whenever possible, so make sure you are aware of them.

Having light on in your home at night will scare crooks away. They prefer not to be seen. When
your home is lit well, the crooks have nowhere to hide, making it difficult for them to steal from you
undetected. Make sure the lights stay on to keep your home safe.

No matter how soon you plan to return home, you should lock your doors. It is more common than
you would believe for a thief to find a home, try the door and walk right in when it's unlocked. It
does not take long for thieves to steal your expensive stuff.

Make sure to have flashlights with fresh batteries in all rooms within your house in the event of a
power outage. Flashlights are key because they allow you to move around if an emergency
should arise. Teach your children how to use the flashlights so that everyone in your household
can help.

If you come home and see your door ajar, never investigate it alone. This can be quite dangerous
because the burglar may still be on your property. Request that the police come and have them
go in and check it out, before you go in yourself.

Talk to your security company about the contract; in particular, inquire about the various contract
lengths that are available to you. There are going to be ups and downs for each one. Longer
contracts may offer more affordable monthly payments; however, it may be hard to cancel that
contract should you decide to change services or sell your house. With a shorter contract, you will
have a greater level of flexibility. The downside is you will also have larger monthly bills.

If you see that the door is open, do not enter the house. The thief might still be inside, and you
don't have any idea whether or not they are armed. Get on the phone to the authorities

Homeowners should do everything under their power to make their home safe. This very article
will contain several different ideas and suggestions that will help protect your family and your
home from these threats. Use all the tips you read and do more research on home security.

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