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					              SFUSD Knowledge and Innovation Strategy
                                 Education Leadership Case Competition
                                                      February 18, 2012

Luke Ahn, Mike Ciccarone, Nikita Kiselev, Jerry Lee
Team intros

 :: Context

 :: Knowledge and Innovation Strategy

 :: Implementation Plan
           SFUSD using 3 years and $45M in SIG funding to build and improve:

            Common Core Curriculum
                                                            Achievement for all
                Staff Development                                students
       Knowledge and Innovation Strategy

  SFUSD needs a strategy that empowers stakeholders to innovate; sharing
  lessons learned and learning from each other. Key considerations are:
      1.   Who are relevant stakeholders and what do they need to learn to increase
           student achievement?

      2.   What processes will most effectively capture, codify, and disseminate
           knowledge to spur innovation?

      3.   How to effectively use constrained resources, including short-term SIG funding?

      4.   How to implement the strategy and ensure accountability?
How to capture and spread innovation?

                         Define         Identify                          Estimate          Implement
 Identify Actors        Learning       Knowledge                          Resource             and
                         Needs          Sources                            Needs             Evaluate

Who are the        What are the     Where (and      How can we       What are the       How do we
key stake-         specific needs   who) are the    develop          immediate and      deploy these
holders that       of each?         existing        processes for    future financial   processes in a
need to                             sources of      capturing,       and human          way that
innovate to                         knowledge and   codifying, and   resource costs     encourages
increase                            innovation      disseminating    of the specific    adoption?
student                             that we can     best practices   processes and      How can we be
achievement?                        leverage?       from each of     programs we        accountable to
                                                    these sources?   are proposing?     each of our
                                                                                        groups and
                                                                                        improve ?
Three groups of stakeholders are especially important to
advancing student achievement

                         Define         Identify                          Estimate         Implement
 Identify Actors        Learning       Knowledge                          Resource            and
                         Needs          Sources                            Needs            Evaluate

Principals         Creating student-centered climate                 Other principals in district
                   Promoting culture of teacher self-improvement     School Scorecard / Data Director
                   Managing school in difficult financial times      Partners in School Innovation
                   Overcoming achievement gap                        Professional Literature
Teachers           Training in Common Core Curriculum                District / State standards
                   Effectively using student data                    IRFs / Instructional Coaches
                   Improving pedagogy                                Fellow Teachers
Parent groups      Resources to help kids at home                    Peers
                   Meaningful engagement with school staff           Parent Teacher Associations
                   Language/Translation Assistance                   Community School Coordinator

      We have designed a dynamic process to address these critical needs
    100 km above the earth
    26 teams from 7 nations
First private spaceship launched
“ Competition makes the impossible possible”
                 San Francisco Unified School District
                 Teacher Innovation Contest
                             Fall 2012 Issue 2

Last month’s Challenge:                                October Challenge:
The Data Analysis Challenge                            Common Core Lesson Plans
“How do you use student data from the                  “What is your best lesson plan tied to the
SFUSD system to inform your instruction?”              common core standards for your grade
                                                       level and/or subject area?”
                       “The best part about
                       winning is how proud my         Requirements: Submit your lesson plan,
                       students are. In our class, I   clearly indicating the standard it targets
                       stress the importance of
                       always asking for help and of   and the learning activities to address it.
                       helping others learn. Now       (Find your common core standards and CA
                       they know that even their       state standards at
                       teachers help each other.
                       The classroom library we
                       won is also nice!”              Prize: Win free admission for your class to
                                                       the San Francisco Exploratorium. Winning
Mr. Dos Santos, 3rd Grade Special Ed.                  teachers will be featured in next month’s
Winning Entry: “Student goals and                      newsletter and in-school “Wall of Fame”.
standard mastery tracking spreadsheet”
View entry at .                 Submit your entry at .
For any stakeholder and any need, a contest to help them
learn and share innovative ideas, tools, and approaches
                                     Knowledge Capture

  District identifies                                                            Stakeholders
                            District designs             notified of
    a key learning                                                              submit content
                           contest to solicit        contest and prize
  need for a group                                                              via a revamped
                                content               with one month
   of stakeholders                                                              SharePoint site
                                                     to submit content

  Stakeholders working
                                          Best content                   Peer review and district
     towards student
                                      highlighted on SFUSD               determine winners and
  achievement surface
                                      website and in schools                 curate content
       new needs

 Stakeholders learn from
                                      Winners get rewarded:              Content filed in a user-
    peers and modify
                                       classroom resources                friendly SharePoint
     content for their
                                           and prestige                        repository
     individual needs

  Continued Innovation           Knowledge Dissemination          Knowledge Codification
              District continually refines process based on stakeholder needs
Initiatives can cater to the needs of various segments
 Stakeholder       Need                          Contest examples
                   Promoting a culture of        How have you established your routine of Instructional
                   teacher self-improvement      Rounds, and how do follow-up with teachers to provide
    Principals                                   meaningful feedback
                   Creating a student-           How do you promote Social-Emotional-Learning (SEL) at your
                   centered climate              school?
                   Curricula and content         What is your best lesson plan aligned to a Common Core
                   Data management               What tools do you use to analyze data from the district data
                   Engaging more parents         How does your PTA perform outreach to parents? What are
                                                 creative ways you get them into the school?
                   Connecting parents to         What techniques to you use to bring parents and teachers
                   teachers                      together? How do you facilitate their interaction?
                   Supporting data               How do you train teachers who do not have an analytical
                   management                    background to understand the data available on their
   Instructional                                 students?
     Coaches       Developing teachers’ skills   What techniques do you use to promote teachers learning
                                                 from peers in their school?
                   Decreasing truancy            How do attendance coordinators prioritize truant students
                                                 and reach out to their parents?
  Support staff
                   Creating a student-           How do you organize multiple class settings (lunchtime,
                   centered climate              recess, etc.) so that all students feel safe and welcomed?
 Participation should be simple and enjoyable, knowledge
 capture can be low cost
                 Description                               Low-cost support tools
                 - Solicit ideas for contests from


                 - Encourage requests for help and
                   create an overall culture of learning
                   and support

                 - Encourage codification in various
                   engaging formats in addition to
Best practice

                    - How-to photo guidelines
                    - Video examples

                 - Submit proposals by multiple
                   channels (email, SharePoint,
                   YouTube, etc.)
Revamped support tools make codification and
dissemination inexpensive for SFUSD
          Description                                        Low-cost support tools
          -   80% of score from district based on:
               - Potential impact on student
               - Easiness & readiness for

                  implementation at other schools
               - Creativity, innovation
          -   20% of score from peers – voting by
              teachers, principals, and parent
              coordinators via free webtools

          -   Disseminate best practices through

              email and redesigned SharePoint site
          -   Publicize best contributions

          -   Store best-practice solutions on SharePoint,

              creating a world class content library
Participation incentivized with rewards: prestige and
educational resources for winners
Tool                 Description
                     -   Winners get appropriate rewards (donated in-kind by
                         partners): resources for classrooms, team-building
                         luncheons for faculty, parent engagement events
                     -   Beautiful “wall of fame” on the first floor in every school
“Wall of fame” in
every school             showing names and faces of winners from this and other
Publications in
                     -   Paper and E-newsletter showing pictures and stories of
electronic & paper
newsletter               each winner and runner-up sent throughout district

Promotion in
                     -   Mentioning of winners and runners-up in SFUSD and
publications             industry magazines/newspapers where appropriate

In-person            -   Meetings with SF mayor
recognition by       -   Meetings & certificates of recognition from SFUSD
SFUSD and city           superintendent
 Strategy should be affordable
       Major costs               Cost components                    2012             2013              2014             2015

     SharePoint           Web designer to collaborate
     overhaul and         with SFUSD to create a user-            $100,000          $30,000          $30,000          $30,000
     upkeep               friendly knowledge center
                          Staff time to get in-kind
     Prizes               donations from local                     $4,000            $4,000           $4,000           $4,000
                          1 mid-level FTE salary and
                          benefits for managing
     Management                                                   $100,000         $100,000         $100,000         $100,000
                          contest roll out and content
                          Marketing team to roll out
     Marketing            contests to principals,                  $40,000          $10,000          $10,000          $10,000
                          teachers, and parent groups

                          Paper, thank you notes,
     Materials                                                     $6,000           $6,000            $6,000           $6,000
     Total                                                       $250,000          $150,000         $150,000         $150,000

Source: Industry estimates; staff time for prizes assumes $50K/year 4 hr/wk 40 wks/yr; management position benchmarked against SFUSD
 Even at low participation rates, strategy has potential to
 reach many students

                                                       If X% of these groups  …you would have reached X
                    Total in district
                                                    accessed winning content…        students
                           ~230                                 10%                    5,300

                                                                20%                   10,600
                                                                30%                   15,900
                                                                40%                   21,200

                           ~3300                                     10%               5,300

                                                                     20%               10,600
                                                                     30%               15,900
                                                                     40%               21,200

                           ~100                                      10%               4,500
                                                                     20%               9,000

                                                                     30%               13,500
                                                                     40%               18,000

Note: Based on assumptions about average number of students per school and per class
Risk mitigation

 Managing processes                       Focus on user needs
 - Strategy and processes will not be     - Continually refine with user’s needs
   perfect from the start                    at the center; processes need to
                                             align with users existing

 Building momentum                        Strategic marketing
 - Early on, stakeholders may not         - Be prepared to focus marketing
    participate in contests or access         budget at important groups (e.g. SIG
    winning content                           schools) to build early adoption and
                                              quick content wins

 Funding sustainability                   Invest in infrastructure now
 - Once SIG funds expire, there may not   - Use SIG funds to establish systems,
    be room in the budget to continue        then build system upkeep into
    project                                  existing resources (e.g. IT team)
Knowledge and innovation strategy roll-out

                   Spring 2012            Summer 2012                Fall 2012              Spring 2013
                Prepare and pilot            Plan                     Launch                  Refine

              • Revamp SharePoint     • Plan contests for      • Launch one contest    • Launch one contest
                site to be user-        Fall 2012 based on       per month, focused      per month for each
                centric                 stakeholder needs        on building content     stakeholder group
              • Deep dive on          • Build relationships      repository            • Publicize revamped
                learning needs of       with local and         • Strategically use       SharePoint site and
                key stakeholder         education                marketing budget        new content
                groups                  businesses for           to build early          repository
              • Create plan to          prizes                   adopters

                market strategy to    • Create marketing       • Migrate new
                principals              plan for schools         content to
              • Pilot contests in     • Launch marketing         revamped
                May and June at         plan in partnership      SharePoint site
                select schools          with assistant         • Heavily publicize
                (potentially rolled     superintendents so       contest winners
                out in SIG schools      that principals are      and success of
                or focused on one       ready to roll out to     program to build
                specific need           schools on day 1 of      momentum
                district-wide)          the new school year

                       $$$                     $$                       $$                      $
Immediate next steps

  On Monday

  - Schedule conversations with appropriate members of leadership team to discuss
    potential of strategy (Deputy Superintendent Richard Carranza, Deputy
    Superintendent Myong Leigh, CTI Matthew Kinzie, Supervisor of Professional
    Learning Eve Arbogast)
  - Vet cost feasibility with internal figures and budget

  Next week

  - Convene focus group of teachers, principals, and parent coordinators to assess
    feasibility of strategy: Would they participate? Would they value this?
                      Teacher’s Lounge Board

                             Everett Middle School
Contest Winner: Best Practice of the Week:
How to get a meaningful report out of Data Director -Mr. Ciccarone
         (N/A) 1           2           3          4           5 (Useful)

Notices / Reminders:
Parent Coordinator Meeting next Friday (2/24), Dinner Provided

7th Grade Math         Mr. Freiwald          Ms. Lai               Mr. Dos Santos
Goal for the Week      PowerPoint Training   Share Learning Plan   Two Parent Conf.
What’s worked well                           PowerPoint Pres
Challenges             Disruptive Behavior   WiFi down!
Keep an eye out for    Nikita, Luke          Mike                  Jerry
Attendance Rate        84%                   96%                   81%

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