SharePoint as an Enterprise Web and Gov 2.0

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					Dean Halstead

Web 2.0   Government 2.0
               “84% of IT Execs said they visit                            “Transparency is here, and
               social networking sites on                                  it ain’t going away.”2
               regular basis [weekly]”1

                                              “Lots of organizations are putting their toe
                                              in the water but not understanding the
                                              financial impact…There is no silver bullet – “3

1 Source: February 16, 2009 “Tweet to Compete“
2 Source: July 2009, “Transparency is here, and it ain’t going away”
3 Source: June 2009, “Feeling the Fear by doing it anyway”
    Accountability          Participation         Transparency
•   Reporting            • Web/Gov 2.0            • Processes
•   Business Processes   • Agency Input &         • Data and
•   Project and Budget     Review                   Information
•   Detail Drill-down    • Public Input &         • Expertise
•   Data mining            Review                 • Feedback
                         • Constituent Tracking   • Reporting
                 Out-of-the-Box Gov 2.0* capabilities…& Eye Chart
        Technology                          Simple Definition                          SharePoint 2007        SharePoint 2010
Blogs                         Journal or diary with social                                  Standard                 Standard
                              collaboration (comments)                                                              Improved!
Wikis                         Collaborative authoring &editing                              Standard                 Standard
                                                                                                              Improved! Online/Offline
Video Sharing & Multimedia Videos, images and audio libraries                           Standard w/ IMM              Standard
                              (YouTube, Soapbox…)                                       ESP for SharePoint   Improved! - Now out of box
Photo-Sharing                 Photo Libraries                                               Standard                  Standard

Podcasting                    Multimedia content syndicated                                 Standard                 Standard
                              out for use on MP3 players                                                     Improved! - Now out of box
Virtual Worlds                Simulation of environments (Second Life)                         N/A                      N/A
Social Networking Sites       Connecting people globally                                    Standard                Standard
                                                                                                                New and Improved!
Syndicated web Feeds (RSS)    Automated notifications of                                    Standard                Standard
                              frequently updated content (RSS)
Mashups                       Combine content from multiple                                 BDC & BI                 BCS & BI
                              sources from an integrated experience                          JackBe                Improved!
Widgets, Gadgets, Pipes       Small applications and code in                                Standard                Standard
                              Web pages or for desktop use                                                         Improved!
Social Bookmark and News      Ways of sharing content with others                           Standard                Standard
(Sharing, Tagging) Sites                                                                                           Improved!
Micro-blogging, Presence      Form of blogging which allows brief                           Standard                Standard
Networks                      (Instant Message size) text updates                             OCS               New and Improved!

Gov 2.0 Data Mining and       Making sense of all the data. Allow responsiveness,          Enterprise                Enterprise
Aggregation                   trend analysis, and to deliver targeted information                                    Improved!

Government as a Platform       A simple, reliable and publicly accessible                 SQL, BDC, &          Built-in REST, BCS, WCF
                               interface that "exposes" underlying data , data, data     Windows WCF            New and Improved!
                 *All capabilities can be exposed for Internet use and derived from
Internal/External Web/Gov 2.0 Integration
Internal Micro-blogging (Twitter™/Facebook™)
Social Network Analysis
Geospatial Integration
Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
Information Spillage
Security Concerns
Trusted and Authoritative Source
Identity Management
Endorsement of Information
Culture Wars
Solutions and Success Stories
Success Story
Conflict Areas   Impact
SharePoint                              On-Line Samples            
Other Resources
Web/Gov/Ent 2.0 Resources           Twitter Hash Resources

Other Microsoft Resources

 Code                             Title                               Date            Time     Level       Speakers

SPC234    Overview of Social Computing in SharePoint 2010       Monday, 10/19      4:30 PM    200      Christian Finn

SPC242    Part 1: Business Case for Social Computing            Tuesday, 10/20     9:00 AM    200      Dan Rasmus

SPC241    Part 2: Adoption Strategies for Social Computing      Tuesday, 10/20     10:30 AM   200      Alina Fu

SPC240    Creating the Ultimate Team Collaboration Experience   Tuesday, 10/20     1:15 PM    200      Jason Morrill
          Seeing Microsoft Unified Communications and                                                  Amit Gupta,
SPC273    Collaboration in action                               Tuesday, 10/20     1:15 PM    200      Albert Kooiman
          Deep Dive into SharePoint 2010 My Sites and Social
SPC356    Networking Architecture                               Tuesday, 10/20     2:45 PM    300      Venky Veeraraghavan

SPC372    Customizing and Branding My Sites                     Wednesday, 10/21   9:00 AM    300      Heather Solomon
                                                                                                       Ted Pattison,
SPC365    Customizing Enterprise Wikis in SharePoint 2010       Wednesday, 10/21   10:30 AM   300      Gail Giacobbe
          Deep Dive into SharePoint 2010 Profile Store and                                             Tanuj Bansal,
SPC362    Profile Data Management                               Wednesday, 10/21   1:15 PM    300      Chris Gideon

SPC3995   Developing Social Applications with SharePoint 2010   Wednesday, 10/21   2:45 PM    300      Matt McDermott
          Better Together Collaboration with SharePoint 2010,
SPC237    Office 2010, and more!                                Wednesday, 10/21   2:45 PM    200      Dave Pae

SPC363    Social Search in SharePoint 2010                      Wednesday, 10/21   4:30 PM    300      Jessica Alspaugh

SPC243    SharePoint as an Enterprise Web and Gov 2.0 Platform Thursday, 10/22     12:00 PM   200      Dean Halstead
Information for                  Information for                   Information for
    IT Pros                     Developers                           Everyone
    at TechNet                        at MSDN

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