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									Show your Creativity on Cinema Screen
                      (Film Making Workshop)
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                               Film Making Workshop –
  1. 01   Name of the Course
                               The word 'filmmaker' may instantly bring to one's
                               mind a Spielberg-like figure dictating hundreds of
                               people with a loudspeaker, expensive movie launch
                               parties, interviews with the press, walking the red
                               carpet and winning prestigious awards. However if
                               you really want to weave your dream work on the
                               movie screen you need to be taken behind the lens
                               of the messiah-like image of a director to the real
                               world of filmmaking that involves plenty of hard
                               work, creativity and challenges.

                               To start off with, what is film making? According to
                               Vinay Subramanian, director of the film Missed Call,
                               'The method of telling a story, or putting across an
                               idea on a canvas that supports audio as well as
                               visual matter could be termed as film making.'

                               Film making is possibly the broadest and most varied
                               creative opportunity in mass media. A blend of
                               creativity and technicality, Films are an important
                               media, not only for entertainment and information,
          Brief Description    but also for communication.

                                It is inclusive of feature films, documentaries,
                               Promotional films, TV commercials, music Videos,
                               etc. The technique of filmmaking is a teamwork
                               which needs close and coherent organization of
                               various skilled individuals. It involves acting,
                               directing, producing, script writing, cinematography,
                               sound recording, visual mixing, editing and so on.

                               A film maker has to concentrate on all these
                               concepts equally. He should be having that creative
                               as well as technical knack for story ideas and unique
                               implementation towards carrying out an appealing
                               effect. His job demands a lot of work that is from
                               ideas, story, script, cast, screenplay, music, direction,
                               budget, sets, location… and the list is endless. He
                               has to start at the very bottom and work his way up.
                               i.e. beginning with raising capital for the film to its
                               distribution, screening as well as all the stages of its
                          Formal training in filmmaking makes it easier to
                          understand the technical aspects of filmmaking and
                          converting them into action. A course imparts the
                          theories and practical knowledge of the hardware
                          and software needed to make a film. An aspirant
                          filmmaker is taught all aspects of filmmaking be it
                          camera handling, recording systems, editing,
                          productions to the post-production phases of

                          To join a two-year filmmaking course in a reputed
                          institute of India one needs to be a graduate. The
                          eligibility test for filmmaking courses cover areas like
                          general knowledge on films (Indian / International)
                          and aptitude tested on parameters like assessing
                          visuals and audios. A course trains the candidate in
                          film direction, cinematography, editing and
                          autography. Adinath Das, Dean of the Satyajit Ray
                          Film & Television Institute says, 'On completion of a
                          course one may take up a salaried job with a
                          production house or work as a freelancer.'

                          Short term course in film making gives a platform to
                          learn and acquires above given skills.

     Duration             6 weekends

4.   Fees                 Rs. 25000/- + Service Tax of 12.36%
                          This course mainly covers :-
                               Introduction to film-making
                               Screenplay writing
                               What is a screenplay and how it is written

                                  The Basics of Direction - Film, Theatre.
                                  The Executor of the Script / screenplay /
                                   stage play. The Captain of the Ship. [What
                                   does the 'Director' Need / what makes a good
                                   • Understanding: Premise - Tone - Lighting -
     Course Content and            Shot size - Framing - Intent / intention -
5.   Subjects Taught               Actors: Strengths / weaknesses - Stage
                                   Blocking [Sound stage / Sets].
                                   • Understanding the cause and effects of
                                   music in a dramatic curve.
                                   • Interaction with students and role playing
                                   [Playing the Director].
                          Camera and lighting
                          • Detailing of Sony Z 7 HDV camera
                          • Introduction to lights
                          • Attributes of visual image
                          • Basic lighting techniques
                          • Exposure, focus, aperture, shutter, colour temp.
                          • Camera operation, framing, composition
                                 • Independent lighting and camera operation.
                                 Introduction to video editing

                                         Principles of editing and the post-production
                                          workflow. Films shot for the assignment will
                                          be edited digitally with Final Cut Pro on Apple
                                         Assignment
                                         At the end of the workshop each student must
                                          make his or her own short 3 minute film.
                                         Final Screening and Portfolio
                                         The short films by the students will be
                                          screened and critiqued in the class with the
                                          instructor. A certificate of participation will be
                                          issued by St Pauls Institute of Communication
                                          Education to the participants who
                                          successfully complete the course.

6.    Eligibility                Anyone above 15 yrs

7.    Skills Required

8.    Present Scenario in        The field of film making is highly competitive and has
      India                      a lot of scope for employment opportunities too.
                                 Especially, in India which releases a large number of
                                 films every year. If one possesses artistic and
                                 technical skills and at the same time an ability to
                                 express ideas, this is the most appropriate field to
                                 work in.

9.    Future Scope in India      India is always hot destination for Film Maker.

10.   Do you offer internship?   No

11.   Earning Possibilities      Sky is the limit
      the Course

12.   Various Sectors / Firms    Film Industry , Ad making
      that absorb the students
      after the course

13.   Folios (position) he       Director , Camera man , Creative director ,
      would work as, in the
14.   Famous Personalities in    Anurag Kashyap., Mahesh Bhatt, Prakash Jha,
      that Field, who could be   Shekhar Kapur, Subhash Ghai, Vidhu Vinod Chopra,

15.   Best aspect of this        Cinematography

16.   Why SPICE                          Professional and creative learning
                             Specialized and dedicated faculty
                             Individual attention
                             Well-equipped Multimedia Lab, Lecture Room
                              & Seminar Hall
                             High end Machines with latest software
                             Professional Sound Recording Studio
                             Workshops & Seminars by Industry
                             Customized courses for working people
                             Affordable fee structure

17.   Institute Logo

18.   Profile          Deep Pal
                       The 58-year-old Deep Pal holds Dip. In
                       Cinematography (Munich, Germany), Dip. In
                       Steadicam Training (USA), Dip. In Underwater
                       Photography (Virginia Islands, USA) and Dip. In
                       Skydiving Photography (USA).

                       His outstanding works range from Bollywood to BBC.
                       He has worked as a cameraman for BBC from 1986
                       – 1997. He pioneered the STEADICAM in India. To
                       date he has worked on 672 feature films. He has
                       also directed and photographed a number of
                       documentaries for the BBC, including ‘Cages and
                       Dubbawalas’ which won international acclaim. He
                       has the distinction of being the Director of
                       Photography for several national and international
                       films and projects.

                       Among his films are ‘Bandit Queen’ (2nd Unit
                       director of photography), and ‘Pehala Nasha’; the
                       UTV television serial Special Squad telecast on
                       STAR ONE; ‘Heritage Train Darjeeling’ for the
                       Discovery Channel, documentaries on ‘Alang Ship
                       Breaking Yard’ for the Canadian Documentary
                       Board, on Mother Teresa’ for the BBC London,
                       ‘Polluted World’ for Singapore Television, ‘Warriors’
                       for the History Channel, and a ‘Six-Part Documentary
                       on Delhi Metro’ for BBC London.

                       He has also been involved in the filming of famous
                       Indian Reality Shows, -- ‘Khulja Sim Sim’, ‘Indian
                       Idol’, ‘Big Boss’, ‘Pachvi Pass’, ‘Jhalak Dikhla Ja’,
                       ‘Deal Ya No Deal’, ‘10 Ka Dum’ and ‘Dance India
    19     Contact Details            ST PAULS INSTITUTE OF COMMUNICATION
                                      St.Paul Media Complex, 24th Road,
                                      TPS III, Bandra(West),
                                      Mumbai 400 050.
                                      Tel - 022-26435709
                                      Mobile     +91-9833806739.

 Growing up in Mumbai, I remember watching movies and wondering how could I be
one of the actors in the film or how could I make movies like the one I was watching.
 My desire to work in the entertainment industry stayed with me for years but it was
  difficult to make a movie without knowing every pros and cons of it. A film making
course really helped me realize, that your passion or hobby can only make you just a
Film Maker but for a fine film maker, sound knowledge is very important. Read on to
                       know more about Film Making Course….

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