SPARROWTECH RESOURCES, INC. (OTC PINK SHEETS: SPMC) APRIL 2009

BUSINESS SUMMARY                                                  INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHTS
Sparrowtech Resources, Inc. (OTC: SPMC) is an                         •   Bullish Gold Sector – In times of economic turmoil,
exploration and resource development company focused on                   investors increase their position in precious
acquiring environmentally conscious mining operations,                    commodities like gold. Gold is expected to stay above
primarily in North America. The Company's leadership team                 $1,000 per ounce through year's end.
plans to identify unique opportunities for the extraction of gold     •   Responsible Mining – The
and other precious metals from previously producing mines                 Company plans to engage in
and/or new discoveries in recognized gold districts.                      socially and environmentally
Sparrowtech's strategy follows socially responsible production            responsible methods throughout
by supporting improved working conditions and modernization               the entire production and mining
techniques that leave little to no carbon footprint.                      process.
                                                                      •   Experienced Leadership -
STOCK INFORMATION                                                         SPMC is assembling an astute team of advisors,
                                                                          including a licensed prospector with 30 years of
Exchange:                    OTC Pink Sheets
                                                                          experience in the North American mining industry.
Trading Symbol:              SPMC
                                                                      •   Lucrative Acquisition Strategy – While the
Price as of 4.2.09:          $ 0.005
                                                                          Company would engage in joint venture partnerships,
Common Shares Out: 127,544,520
                                                                          SPMC is currently pursuing 100% ownership of
Market Cap:                  $637,773
                                                                          recently identified targets. Total ownership can
                                                                          accelerate return on investment for its early
KEY ACQUISITION                                                           stakeholders.
Sparrowtech recently entered into an                                  •   Rapid Growth – The Company is on the heels of
agreement to acquire 100% interest in the                                 closing its first acquisition, the Eagle Nest Mining
Eagle Nest Mining Property (“Eagle                                        Property in Arizona, and has several others in the
Nest”) from D.A.R. Mining. Eagle Nest                                     pipeline to create a diversified and rapidly growing
claims include a previously producing Au-                                 portfolio.
Cu-Ag-Fe (Gold, Copper, Silver and Iron)
mine located 10 miles off Highway 95 in
                                                                  GOING FOR GOLD
La Paz County, Arizona. Easy access to the mine site and an
ample water supply can facilitate ease of construction for a      Here's what the industry experts
potential processing plant as well as expansion of the mine       are saying about the prospects and
site. SPMC plans to close the acquisition on or before May 1,     prices of mining for gold.
2009, given sufficient financing has been secured.                …..“A continued global economic
                                                                  tsunami and the increasingly
Eagle Nest is located in the historic gold producing Bouse        urgent scramble for an investment
District, which is home to an important Arizona gold deposit      lifeline will combine to power
called a “detachment fault.” One example of this type of          gold prices ominously higher and
deposit is Copperstone, which is located about 20 miles from      into uncharted territory later this
Bouse and is the largest gold discovery in the State of Arizona year. This is the consensus of
in at least the past 50 years. Eagle Nest is located favorably    opinion among the CEO’s of a dozen emerging to mid-tier
near these unique gold deposits, which the Company believes gold mining companies who were recently interviewed by
can utilize concentration techniques that boost gold extraction. BNW Business Newswire.
Recent assay and concentration testing results on Eagle Nest      …..“Gold will be trading in the $1,100 to $1,500 range by
will be announced shortly.                                        year’s end, they (the CEOs) all agreed.” - Commodity
                                                                  Online, March 21, 2009
                                                                  ...Investment in gold mining companies provides leveraged
                                                                  exposure to underlying gold prices, with miners profiting
                                                                  from stronger revenue and falling costs, according to ETF
                                                                  Securities Ltd.
                                                                  ...The ETFS Russell Global Gold Fund (AUMCO), which
                                                                  tracks the world’s biggest gold miners, has recorded 75%
                                                                  growth since October 31, 2008. This compares to a 15% fall
                                                                  in the MSCI World Index over the same period. High
                                                                  political and financial uncertainty continues to drive
                                                                  investors to safe havens like gold. ♦

    Contact: Cornelia Volino, President ♦ Sparrowtech Resources, Inc.♦ Suite 5700, 100 King Street West ♦ Toronto, ON
        M5X 1C7 Canada ♦ Tel: 416-915-3176 ♦ Fax: 416-915-3177 ♦ ♦

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