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									 On the Move
             Ronn                           John
             Brashear,                      McCool,
             Pertino                        Firetide
              The Los                       The Los
              Gatos cloud                   Gatos
              networking                    technology
              company                       provider in
appointed Ronn Brashear       next-generation wireless
vice president of engineer-   mesh networking named
ing. Recently, he served as   John McCool president
vice president of engineer-   and chief executive officer.
ing at XDN.                   He is former chief tech-
                              nology officer and senior
             Karen            vice president of Cisco
             Burns,           System’s global enterprise
             East Bay         segment.
             ing Group                      Fred
              The Pleas-
              anton                        Awe.sm
organization that offers                   The San
peer-to-peer events for                    Francisco
C-level executives named                   platform for
Karen Burns to its board of                measuring
directors. She is an assur- the financial performance
ance partner at Sensiba     of social media marketing
San Filippo.                activity appointed Fred
                            McIntyre chief executive
              Ramin         officer. Previously, he held
              Farassat,     senior leadership roles at
              Conviva       AOL, Last.fm, and CBS.
               The San                       David Onek,
               Mateo pro-
                                             Santa Clara
               vider of video
               streaming                     University
technology named Ramin                       The Santa
Farassat vice president of                   Clara
product marketing. Re-                       educational
cently, he served at RGB                     institution
Networks.                     named David Onek execu-
                              tive director of Northern
               Oscar          California Innocence
               Harrison,      Project. He is a former
               Fremont        commissioner on the San
               Bank           Francisco Police Commis-
               The Fremont
               financial                     Sriram
               institution                   Peruvemba,
named Oscar Harrison
vice president of wealth
management services.                         Technolo-
Previously, he held posi-                    gies
tions at Merrill Lynch,                      The Sunny-
Morgan Stanley and Banc                      vale com-
of America Investments.       pany provider of tools for
                              nanotechnology appoint-
               Tim            ed Sriram Peruvemba
               Kleffman,      chief marketing officer
               Conviva        for worldwide operations.
                              Previously, he was CMO at
               The San        E Ink Holdings.
               Mateo pro-
               vider of video
technology named Tim                         Smith,
Kleffman vice president                      Workshare
of customer success. He                      The San
is former vice president                     Francisco
of global professional                       vendor for
services and customer                        enterprise
support at LiveOps.           file sharing and collabora-
                              tion named Laureen Smith
               Steve          vice president of sales for
               Leonard,       North America/Asia Pa-
               Vello Sys-     cific. Previously, she was
               tems           director of sales for North
                              America at the company.
               The Menlo
               Park provider                 Bilal Zuberi,
               of deploy-
                                             Lux Capital
able software-defined
infrastructure for match-                    The New
ing system resources to                      York venture
application requirements                     capital firm
in cloud and big data                        appointed
enterprise services named                    Bilal Zuberi
Steve Leonard to its board as a partner in its Palo
of directors. He serves as    Alto office. Previously, he
deputy chairman of the        served as principal at Gen-
Infocomm Development          eral Catalyst Partners.
Authority of Singapore.

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