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20th June 2013

ITN Productions film Oliver Wight for new supply chain news channel

Business improvement specialists, Oliver Wight, have teamed up with ITN Productions
to film a revealing documentary, ‘Turning Fortunes Around - uncovering the secrets of
Supply Chain success’.

The programme, produced for the Global Logistics and Transport News channel, a
partnership between ITN Productions and the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport
(CILT), aims to capture the current state of global supply chains and how to manage them.

Introducing the film, presenter Natasha Kaplinsky, explains that optimising the supply chain
can bring down costs by half but as well as more accurate forecasting and reduced
overstocking, a mind-set change is also required.

“The recent horse meat scandal brought the complexity of global supply chains and the
difficulties of controlling them, sharply into focus,” says Oliver Wight consultant Liam
Harrington, interviewed in the documentary. “The industry is dominated by the dogma of
price, however the lowest price doesn’t actually mean lower costs and it can put reputation on
the line when the price quest leads to a fragmented supply chain.”

The film includes interviews with Oliver Wight customers, furniture manufacturer the Quality
Furniture Company, which says it owes its survival to supply chain improvements, and Inks
manufacturer Akzo Nobel, which has achieved £1 million of savings in just nine months.

Oliver Wight consultant, Anne Marie Kilkenny, who also appears in the film, says, “The
collaboration with ITN Productions and CILT is an excellent opportunity to tackle the impact of
globalisation, transparency and the environment on the supply chain, and provide some
insight in to how to create a more integrated, cost-efficient model.”

The channel will be regularly updated with stories on the latest innovation, thought leadership
and best practice – providing an essential tool for professionals working in logistics, transport
and supply chain.

Launched at the 2013 Annual Logistics Conference this month, the Oliver Wight documentary
is hosted on ITN Productions’ Transport News Channel as part of its ‘Thought Leadership’
series. Watch it here.
Notes to editors

About Oliver Wight

Oliver Wight has a 40 year track record of delivering business improvement to some of the world’s best-known
organisations. With a team of professionals offering a wealth of experience, Oliver Wight is the largest consultancy
of its type, with offices throughout Europe, South Africa, North and South America, and the Asia Pacific region. We
believe that sustainable business improvement can’t be delivered by external consultants but only by our clients’
own people, so unlike other consultancy firms, we transfer our knowledge to them, helping deliver performance
levels and financial results that last.

Integrated Business Planning
At the leading edge of management thinking and practice, our Integrated Business Planning (IBP) model lies at the
heart of our clients’ journey to outstanding business performance. Oliver Wight are the originators of sales and
operations planning (S&OP) and IBP can most simply be described as advanced S&OP. However, unlike S&OP,
IBP brings a truly strategic perspective, integrating diverse processes - in the extended supply chain, product and
customer portfolios, customer demand and strategic planning - into one seamless management process.

Supply Chain Design and Optimization
Oliver Wight supply chain design and optimization allows organisations to understand their position within the
extended supply chain; identify where value is being created and destroyed; develop profitable relationships with
suppliers customers and consumers; and optimize their supply chain (however complex) for the ultimate in
customer service and business performance.

Performance Benchmarking for Supply Chain
Oliver Wight Performance Benchmarking provides a qualitative and quantitative assessment of supply chain
performance, allowing organisations to identify opportunities for improving customer service at the same time as
dramatically reducing supply chain costs.

Meeting the Class A Standard
The Oliver Wight Class A Checklist is the longest standing and most successful business assessment tool. The
latest, Sixth Edition, raises the bar, and sets ever more demanding standards for companies on their journey to
business excellence and the Oliver Wight Class A standard.

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