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									City Life                     Country Life
 About ¾ of Russia’s          In the country, many
  people live in cities.        people live in single-
                                family homes.
 The two largest cities in
                               In some remote places,
  Russia are Moscow and
                                homes lack basic
  St. Petersburg.               plumbing, running
 Red Square in Moscow is       water, gas and electric.
  the most famous city         The quality of health
  square.                       care and education is
                                lower in the country.
 By far, the most common religion in Russia is
    Orthodox Christianity.
   Orthodox Christianity is the Eastern branch of
    Christianity that spread to Russia in the 900’s and
    became the state religion.
   When this religion was brought over to Russia, the
    Cyrillic alphabet came along with it.
   The Cyrillic alphabet was adopted as the official
    writing system of Russia.
   Islam, Buddhism and Judaism are also practiced in
    Russia. Over 15% of the population practices Islam.
                  The Cyrillic Alphabet

The Red Square;
 Leo Tolstoy is one of Russia’s great novelists. One of his
  most famous novels, War and Peace (1869), showed
  deep concern for moral issues and for the welfare of
  the Russian people.
 Russia also had one of the best playwrights of the early
  1900s named Anton Chekhov. He wrote such plays as
  The Three Sisters and The Cherry Orchard.
 A novelist named Alex Solzhenitsyn criticized Stalin’s
  rule in his novel, which led the Soviet Union to
  increase censorship.
Food                            Sports
 Russians generally eat a       Winter sports, such as
  hearty diet that uses a lot     hockey, ice skating and
  of root vegetables, such as     skiing are popular due to
  beets, carrots and              the cold climate.
                                 Tennis is also popular.
 Traditional Russian foods,
  such as blinis and borscht,    Russian athletes compete
  are enjoyed everywhere.         seriously for Olympic
 Tea is a traditional            team positions.
  beverage for Russians.


         Russian Olympic Athletes

                                    Maria Sharapova; World Famous
                                    Russian Tennis Player.
 Russian painting was slower to adopt European
   Wassily Kadinsky became one of the first to use
    abstract style. Marc Chagall was another famous
   Russian music flowered during the 1800s.
   Peter Tchaikovsky wrote many great works, including
    the ballet Swan Lake.
   Igor Stravinsky was another famous Russian composer.
   Ballet is extremely popular in Russia; Russia features
    two world-class ballet companies.
 Swan Lake: Performed by the Kirov Ballet Company,

     A Marc Chagall abstract   Russian Ballerina
 The establishment of the Soviet government in the
    early 1920s led to censorship of literature in Russia.
   Censorship means to control or restrict something.
   The Soviets also used the arts for propaganda.
    Propaganda is information that deliberately tries to
    influence opinion.
   Much of this propaganda was spread using posters.
   Under Stalin’s rule, the Communist Party outlawed
    artists who did not promote the Communist ideals.
                     “ Let’s raise the generation utterly
                     devoted to the cause of communism!”
                     Viktor Ivanov, 1947

“Keep your mouth shut!” Nina
Vatolina, 1941

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