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									                                         CASE STUDY:
                              LEADING BANK OF JAPAN
          Mobile Banking CoE - Fast Facts

                     n 4 years of experience in Testing and Supporting Mobile Banking solutions
                     n 60+ Techno functional Test Consultants Specializing in Mobile Banking Technology and Solutions
                     n Partnered with C-Sam for Mobile Banking Testing for one of the leading Core Banking Implementations in Vietnam
                     n Over 30 Man Years of Rich Experience and Expertise in Various Mobile Banking implementations and various
  Overview of          Functionality Testing under the Mobile Banking ambit
Mobile Banking CoE

                     n Mobile Banking Testing
                          • Functional Testing (Client and Server)
                          • Performance Testing
                          • Security Testing

                     n Mobile Device & OS Compatibility Testing
  Key offerings      n Multiple Carriers and Location Testing
   & Clientele
                     n Simulator Testing

                     n 60+ Test Consultants Specializing in Mobile Banking Technology and Solutions
                     n Repository of over 2,500 test cases on Mobile Banking that can be re-used across engagements
                     n Involved across testing lifecycle on Mobile Banking applications - Requirements Testing, Functional Testing (Client
                       Side and Server Side), Performance testing, Security Testing, Device and OS Compatibility Testing, Carrier and
                       Location Testing and Simulator Testing
Test Experience in   n Addressing Critical Challenges for interoperability, Security, Scalability and reliability, Personalization and
 Mobile Banking        Geographic viability
                     n Experience on Mobile Banking functionalities across Corporate Banking, Retail Banking, and Wealth Management

Leading Bank in Japan – Test Automation for Mobile Banking Application

   The Bank has multiple applications that are developed, tested and supported by various vendors. In order to reduce the test cycle time and
   the cost involved in regression testing, it was recommended that PACE should focus on developing a regression automation test suite for the
   applications deployed in the bank.
    The priority of test automation would be for applications that are stable but undergo frequent updates which necessitates regression testing
   each time there is an update to the application.

    Client Need
 Client Needs
  §To prepare a Regression Automation Suite for various applications in the banks environment. This process would be carried out in phases as
  indicated below:
          •Phase-1: Mobile Banking
          •Phase-2:PD Redesign Parity and PD Parity – Virtual Bank
          •Phase-3:Assisted Channel Parity
  §To carry out Performance testing for applications available with bank before deployment in production environment.

 Polaris Solution
   PACE recommends:
   •Onsite-offshore delivery model for implementing regression test automation for applications developed for the bank
   •QTP 9.2 to be used as the regression automation tool for this engagement.

 Best Practices
   •The Bank will have a well tested and high quality application with no show stoppers or critical defect before deployment in UAT/ Production.
   • Cost savings due to shorter test cycles and offshore component.
   • Shorter project cycles as existing knowledge of the banks application with Polaris team can be leveraged during test preparation.
   § Proven test management with more than 450+ releases.


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