The Ultra Music Festival Croatia Is Simply The Greatest Electronic Music Event Of The Year by henryjohn34


									The Ultra Music Festival Croatia Is Simply The Greatest Electronic
Music Event Of The Year
There are very few young people who can resist the allure of a disco music festival in the sun and the
Ultra Music Festival in Croatia offers all this and more. The festival has grown in popularity since it
started in 1999 as this article explains.

When people want to enjoy a great music festival while having the blast of their lives, they can
certainly join in the Ultra Europe, but in this case of the year, they will be joining in the Ultra Music
Festival Croatia that is promising great entertainment, fun and blasting music, and great outdoor
activities - plus the holiday experience of their lives!

The Ultra Music Festival itself is a music festival for electronic type of genre that is usually held
outdoor on yearly basis. The festival started in Miami, Florida and it goes along with the Winter Music
Conference that is also held at the same place. The whole festival started in 1999 with a two day
performance concept. Originally, from 1999 to 2006, it was a one day performance show, held in the
Bayfront Park, Downtown Miami. But started in 2007 to 2010, it had become a two day show. And
since 2011 to 2012, it has become a three day show. In 2012, the show has shown the peak record of
55,000 people coming to the festival on each day. In 2013, the festival will be performed in 2
consecutive weekends. But in 2014, the show will go back to the original one weekend model, starting
from March the 28th to March the 30th.

Tickets have been sold through online system since May. Besides being held in Miami, America, the
festival is also held in other places, such as Argentina, Chile, South Korea, and Brazil. The Ultra Europe
is held in Spain and Croatia. This year Ultra Music Festival Croatia is predicted to be a great meeting
spot from people around the world. it is expected that this year's festival will break the last year's

For this upcoming Ultra Music Festival Croatia, the festival will be held from the 12th of July to 14th of
July. It is predicted that about 60,000 people will be coming to this place from every spot in the world.
Not only the festival will be the main attraction of this place, Croatia alone has been known to be a
great spot for tourists. For some people, this place is even considered as the traveler's paradise
because it offers great flexibility and easiness for youth travelers and packers. Not to mention that this
spot is great for partying ground. Since Croatia is a perfect place for meeting other young people, youth
travelers can really have a blast. They can spend their holiday time partying and meeting up new
people - from different parts of the world. Another great point of Croatia is the fact that it has superb
and amazing beaches, like the Adriatic coast, which is claimed to be one of the prettiest coastline in
Mediterranean area. Young people can visit the islands, historical buildings, national parks, and also
the beaches.
For this Ultra Europe event in Croatia, the festival will be held in two different spots. The first two days
will be held in Poljud stadium in Split and the final day will be held in Hotel Amfora Grand resort in
Hvar, the main island in Croatia. Tickets have been sold since December 2012, and there are exclusive
5000 VIP spots for the Hotel Amfora spot.


These days young people are looking for loud disco music playing all day in the hot sun as the perfect
holiday scenario. The Ultra Europe or Ultra Music Festival Croatia
is the event to be at for all those that love the disco scene while enjoying the hot sun at the same time.
This event has been a hit since it started in 1999 and has grown in popularity so much that tickets are
very quickly sold for the event each year.

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