The Best Reasons Why You Should Make Your Next Holiday Trip To The Beautiful Novalja In Croatia

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					The Best Reasons Why You Should Make Your Next Holiday Trip To The
Beautiful Novalja In Croatia
Croatia is fast becoming the destination of choice for holidaymakers who are looking for the perfect
place to stay. It really offers everything for people of all ages from adventure to peace and tranquility.
Read this article to find out more.

Novalja is the main tourist spot on the Island of Pag. This Croatian town is a renowned summer
vacation spot for tourists and offers the possibility for an eventful and active retreat. Its geographical
location, in the north Adriatic, makes it possible for tourists to make several trip arrangements.
Tourists can make single-day field trips to the islands of Olib, Silba, Losinj and Rab, or tour the city of
Zadar, national parks Krka, Plitvice and Kornati and Lakes Velebit and Paklenica. What's more, tourists
love its Mediterranean atmosphere, particularly during the summer season as it offers them pleasure
and calms all nerves irritated by the fast-paced modern life. Below are some fun activities you can
engage in while taking a holiday in Novalja


The Pag bay is very safe for diving, owing to the fact that the currents are calm especially in the middle
part of the bay. The bottom of the sea is sandy and very exciting because it is filled with holes, caves,
pits and a variety of shells. If you want to take a dive during your vacation, ensure that you get a diving
license issued at the Port branch Pag.

Jet Skiing

Jet skiing is another interesting activity you can partake in Novalja. During the summer period,
scooters are rented to interested skiers. Skiing here is always very captivating - the ideal time to do
this when mistral blows. However, skiing so close to the coastline is prohibited as this may cause
accidents with the divers and swimmers.

Food and Music

This tourist site also offers several gastronomic pleasures in a number of popular restaurants, which
rank just as high as those found on the islands of Dalmatia and Kvarner. There are also numerous
cocktail bars and clubs playing excellent music by some of the best DJs in the country. For lovers of live
music, Croatian pop stars and some guest artists from Kvarner perform live on terraces in free open
air concerts.


For those who are thrilled by heights and love climbing, the Island of Pag has lofty, straight down and
strangely shaped rocks that are specifically marked for climber. The climbing process may be an
arduous undertaking, but once you get to the summit, you will get to enjoy a stunning view of the
island as you take a rest.


The beaches found in Nolvaja Croatia are some of the best in this side of the continent. The Zrce beach
is the most popular one, but there are other options such as the Strasko, Caska, Planjka and Sveti duh,
which are renowned for their natural beauty and splendor.

Camp Strasko

Camp Strasko's scenery and seclusion makes it perfect for intimate getaways. The gorgeous camping
grounds are dotted with olive trees, pine and oak and the beach surrounding the campgrounds is
perfect for swimming and family sports, such as sand volleyball, badminton, table tennis, minigolf and

Whether you are looking for an active holiday, a lively nightlife or a sunbath by the sea, Novalja Croatia
provides diversity for all. Movement around the town is also easy, as the Island of Pag has constructed
up to 115km of bicycle paths that traverse the gorgeous countryside.


People are becoming more demanding when it comes to choosing a holiday resort and Croatia is living
up to expectations. The beautiful Novalja is a wonderful place for an
action packed vacation that you will never forget. Croatia is growing in popularity because they know
what holidaymakers want and gout of their way to provide it. You will find people of all ages at the
Novalja resort because it really does offer a lot to keep you happy and in the holiday mood. Check out
Croatia and Novalja for your next vacation.

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