Olly Murs Is Such A Success In The United Kingdom That Many Tribute Acts Have Emerged To Be Like Him by henryjohn34


									Olly Murs Is Such A Success In The United Kingdom That Many Tribute
Acts Have Emerged To Be Like Him
If you live in the UK then you will have heard of Olly Murs as he is a great singer and songwriter. He
has been so successful that many tribute acts have appeared that are trying to emulate his success and
some of them are very good indeed.

It seems that Olly Murs has a great success in the UK and that doesn't really come as a surprise after he
has participated in the X Factor competitor where he actually made a great sensation. Because of his
amazing singing skills, Olly eventually won the X Factor competition which turned him into a great star
and it seems that many people really love his songs. Currently, Olly is signed to Synco Music, Columbia
Records in the United States and also Epic Records in the UK.

His career started with his debut song called "Please don't let me go" which seems to have had a lot of
success, reaching the number 1 position on the United Kingdom's Singles Charts. This is the first single
Olly has released which became number one after releasing "You are not alone". Because it was an
amazing song, Murs has received the BPI certification, furthermore pushing the boundaries of his
popularity in the UK and soon internationally.

Soon enough, Olly released his second single titled "Thinking of Me" and even though it wasn't as
successful as his other songs, it still managed to debut on the number four position in the UK charts.
Despite that, the song still received a silver award from the BPI. Success seemed like it was starting to
avoid Olly, but that would not be true for too long.

"Heart Skips a Beat" was his fifth released single and it quickly became his second number one hit.
Even better, Olly released other singles very soon, with "Dance with me tonight" becoming his third
number one hit.

His Career

November 2010 was a very important month for this talented young singer because it was the month
when he released his first self titled album which debuted in the United Kingdom's charts at number 2.
It also registered as the best selling album of the week for a debut album in that year, with over one
hundred and eight thousand albums sold. Still, the sales kept on going strong and soon enough the
album would be sold in over 600 thousand copies and the BPI certified it as double platinum.

November 2011 was again a very important month for the artist, because he would now release his
second full album titled "In case you didn't know". The album was so great that it entered the charts as
number one and it also spawned two #1 singles. From the very first time Olly Murs has debuted with
his first single to date, he managed to sell more than ten million records throughout the world granting
him great success with his musical career.
Those who would like to be a part of the Olly Murs tribute should know that it will basically contain of
some of his best hits and it will certainly be a strong performance that's not to be missed, especially by
his fans. With a powerful portfolio and great singing abilities, no one would ever pass away the
opportunity of hearing some of the amazing songs this artist has written and sang for all to revel in
their joy and beautiful love messages.


There is no doubt that Olly Murs is a sensational talent and a lot of people enjoy his songs in the United
Kingdom and beyond. For a great Olly Murs tribute act please visit http://www.onlymurs.com where
you will find a very talented individual who is able to perform the songs of Olly Murs very well. There
is a huge demand for Olly Murs to perform live but he will only do this a few times a year so going for a
professional tribute act is really a good alternative.

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