Web Marketing Five Years Ago And Today

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					Web Marketing Five Years Ago And Today

Marketing on the web has changed a lot over the last 20 years, but the greatest changes have occurred
in just the last five. Previously, you could separate marketing into two different categories; working
dollars and non working dollars.

The majority of web advertisement focused on working dollars, mainly due to the increased traffic seen
in shorter periods of time. Non working dollars produced results; however, those results took time to
become evident and had less effectiveness in the online platform.

As big box companies have expanded into the online forum, they have seen their market share increase
and customer bases expand. Five years ago, the bulk of the web marketing business could be tracked to
these large companies, but now, smaller business, mom and pop shops, as well as new start-ups have
seen the wisdom in employing smart web marketing strategies to get their brand name out on the

Droves of internet marketing groups have sprouted on the market in recent years. These groups use
tactics such as on page SEO, website development and social media outlets to better improve brand
recognition and drive visitors to company sites both small and large.

The current marketing models now have three phases; owned, paid and earned media marketing. These
new strategies allow savvy web marketers to make use of both working and non working dollars in order
to bring a companies message to the daily consumer.

Older companies still are stuck in the old way of thinking that you have to pay to get your message
across; however, newer companies understand the value of a fine mix between all three forms of web
marketing. Each form has its own value, and there are huge differences in the type of consumer
attracted to each form. The key to understanding which type of customer you want to target has a lot to
do with the type of product being offered as well as the web marketing company that is tasked with
improving your online business presence.
A highly effective SEO strategy that is employed by top web marketing companies are comprised of a
variety of terms that when implemented in conjunction with each other lead to a successful white hat
web marketing strategy.

Using unique keywords and keyword phrases are just one part of the game plan. Avoiding co-occurrence
is equally important if you want the search engines to take your business website seriously. The more
the search engines pick up your pages, the more often you site will be seen by people who are truly
interested in what you have to offer. Guest blogging is another step in an effective web marketing
strategy. Not everyone can create mass amounts of content on a daily basis, allowing interested writers
to post relevant content with applicable back links on your page will not only increase their popularity,
but will also offer your site much needed exposure to an audience you may have otherwise overlooked.
Not to be forgotten is the all important social button you see on virtually every webpage which allows
visitors to instantly share information across their social circles.

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